A joint enforcement operation in Chengdu blocked 9 illegal business operations in one morning

2022-05-14 0 By

To strengthen the management of chengdu during the Spring Festival transportation road traffic safety, accurate to prevent resolve outstanding risks during Spring Festival, on January 28, chengdu police and chengdu transportation comprehensive administrative law enforcement team to carry out the suspected illegal operating vehicles precision collaborative investigation action, crack down illegal operation, outstanding overcrowded motor vehicles and other illegal ACTS, to purify the road traffic order,Eliminate potential safety hazards of accidents.According to reports, in the joint investigation and punishment action, law enforcement personnel rely on big data analysis technology, find out the illegal operation of suspected vehicles driving routes, time and other regular information, for efficient, accurate detection of suspected illegal operation of vehicles, to provide intelligence information guarantee.At the scene of the investigation and investigation on that day, a total of 6 fixed illegal operation detection points were set up. The mode of joint attendance and joint investigation of traffic police and traffic law enforcement personnel was adopted, and the road surface inspection of suspected illegal operation vehicles was carried out by combining road surface inspection with precise control and inspection.At 9:16 am, in chenghua district Chengnan expressway toll station fixed point, after receiving instructions, joint law enforcement officers will be suspected of illegal operation of a number plate for Sichuan RY***2 small ordinary bus block.On-site inspection found that the car nuclear load of 7 people, real load of 9 people, more than the approved load of more than 20%.At the same time, after being checked by law enforcement officers, the driver of this car, Named Jiang, is driving a private vehicle to conduct passenger transport, starting from Pidu District and preparing to go to Yilong County of Nanchong City, whose behavior is suspected of illegal operation.Police scene according to law to the driver Zeng xx made a fine of 200 yuan of administrative punishment, to its motor vehicle driving license 6 points.Its suspected illegal operation behavior, Chengdu transport comprehensive administrative law enforcement team will be further investigated and dealt with.In addition, at about 10 a.m. on the same day, at gaozhutang intersection, Jinniu District 2nd Ring Road, the police of traffic Police 2nd Branch carried out an inspection of passing vehicles and found a problem with a small ordinary bus with the number plate of Sichuan A7***9.After investigation, Yang, the driver of the car, took 3 passengers and charged for driving from Chengdu to Qionglai.Because Yang mou is suspected of illegal operation, the police scene will be handed over to chengdu traffic administrative law enforcement corps for further investigation and processing.It is reported that as of 12:00 noon on the same day, in the special operation of a total of 5 traffic violations, 9 suspected illegal operations.Law enforcement officers remind, during the Spring Festival travel, personnel return home, visit relatives and friends of the traffic travel demand surge, please enhance the general public safety awareness, do not take illegal operation of passenger cars, refuse to take overcrowding vehicles, consciously resist and timely report the overcrowding of motor vehicles, illegal and prominent traffic violations, to ensure safe travel.