Urgent warning! SMS fraud targeting “medical card”!Don’t click, don’t trust, don’t transfer!

2022-05-13 0 By

In the morning of February 26th, part of yuxi citizens received fraudulent text messages, which used the fake “Medical Security Bureau” to send “your medical card has been disabled” to trick citizens into clicking on the fraudulent link in the message to improve personal information, in order to achieve the purpose of cheating money. At present, 2 victims have been reported to the public security organ here.Please enter your name and id number randomly to verify the message. Once again, this webpage is a fraud page. You are induced to bind your bank card and credit card to transfer money.Please be vigilant to identify the source and authenticity of the information, and avoid being cheated, so as not to cause personal rights and financial losses.?Please do not randomly click or dial unknown sources of links and telephone, received the social security card voice phone or SMS, remember not to disclose personal financial account information and identity information, not to transfer money according to its tips and other operations.?The relevant information sent by the Municipal Medical Security Bureau and other relevant units will not be attached with any unidentified website, and the push message does not need to input any private information involving personal information, financial account and other information.?If you find yourself cheated, please go to the nearby police station or call 110 to report to the police.Source: Yuxi Traffic Police editor: Sun Guijiang Review: Zhang Rong Rector: Fang Libo Supervisor: Yang Jianbin