UZI is still out, BLG wins TT easily!There aren’t many regular-season games left for UZI

2022-05-13 0 By

League of Legends S12 season, the second stage of THE LPL spring competition, the battle is in full swing.The super weekend of February 11th consisted of UP vs AL, BLG vs TT, and OMG vs V5.In the final game, UP lost to AL by a score of one to two;And the match between BLG and TT, the much-anticipated UZI, did not appear in the match against the low-ranked team TT, BLG is still occupied by DOGGO as AD position.And BLG was no surprise, 2-0, easy to win TT, won their spring season debut stage 2 victory.As for UZI’s debut, Jon King doesn’t think we should expect too much.During the regular season, UZI was a no-show against RNG and a no-show against TT.Does BLG really want to use UZI as a “killer weapon” in the playoffs?BLG won the first round of the second stage of the spring competition in straight sets. TT blue square, no Akali, Levant, Zelle, Gwen, Jax, New Green Steel Shadow, Chieftain Lake, Ucal Aircraft, Puff, Southwind Tam;BLG red square, ban cards, female police, emperor son, Zhao Xin, Blind Man, Choose Breathe Sword Ji, Weiwei horse, Fofo Spring, Doggo man, Crisp Hammer stone frankly, the BLG and TT first game, King Jon thought he was watching the LCK game.The two sides fought too dull in the early stage, both of them were developing in a dull way, neither fighting nor Gank. The first blood of both sides happened at about 12:30, TT gathered FOFO, got a blood and pushed off the road tower, TT economy was nearly 1K ahead of BLG.About 18 minutes, BLG formed a double team on the lower road, and killed the single NEW on TT to recover the economic deficit.About 23 minutes, BLG grabbed the Dragon, and the economy back ultra 4K;About 30 minutes, BLG killed TT2 in the middle of the regiment battle and took the dragon again.32 minutes, BLG grabbed the sixth dragon and really opened the group, killed TT2 people and expanded the economic lead to more than 8K.At 37 minutes and 17 seconds, the BLG team won the game, and a run ended the game.To be frank, BLG and TT’s first innings were not pretty at all, with both sides lacking the means to turn their advantage into a winner.In the second round, TT blue square, Akali, Loveland, Zeli, Ma ma and Zhao Xin are disabled, New, Chieftain, Ucal, Puff and Southwind are selected;BLG red square, disable cards, policewoman, emperor son, blind monk, troll, choose: Breathe, Weiwei, Fofo, Doggo, Crisp.After winning the “boring” first game, the BLG finally woke up in the second game.From the very beginning, there was an aggressive attack.And maintained the advantage, in 30 minutes, gave TT an easy lesson!28 minutes 42 seconds end of the game, a typical man-machine teaching bureau, nothing good to say!”UZI, don’t miss it,” was all the netizens had to say after BLG scored its first win in the second stage of the spring competition.UZI can’t even compete against TT at the end of the crane.So in the regular season, there are really not many games left for UZI, should we put them in BLG vs IG to reproduce “e-game spring night”?Is the BLG, using UZI as a “killer weapon” in the playoffs?