Angler is beaten by his wife when he comes home, can’t he be harmonious?My anglers’ ideas are so funny

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If you pay close attention, you’ll notice that there are a lot of “tough guys” on fishing social media. They are the ones who insist on their word at home, and say that fishing is completely unattended.But if you really and such a “tough guy” deep friendship, you will find these simple “tough guy” is also all kinds of bitterness.Conflict between a fisherman and his wife is quite common, unless you have a very good income to compensate for it.However, once the fisherman fishing for housework sharing, for children’s education, for the wife’s company will be lacking, of course, there are also some sophisticated anglers arranged in order.In recent years, it is not uncommon to break up with his girlfriend or even divorce his wife because of fishing. It is not uncommon to be scolded by his wife or even to step on his fishing rod. When he goes home at midnight, he finds his wife’s manager coming to talk about work..But now this kind of harmonious society, after going home, be beaten by his wife is really quite rare: not to marry that kind of tiger girl generally people can not do it.The fisherman came home from a fishing trip and received a beating. He had bruises on his arms and scratches on his hands and arms.After being beaten, he immediately told his anglers that the angler’s attitude was good. He could calmly tell his anglers that the fishing rod was safe despite such a strong physical attack. He even shared a story about his wife grinding nails and possessing magic to increase physical attack power.Once it’s on social media, it’s tough again: It’s not that I can’t beat her. What’s the point of a big man and his wife?You also don’t say, if the man is serious, unless there is really to practice, the woman is really difficult to play the man, also rely on the fishing friend pet her so unscrupulous bar, that is, will not change hands!Of course, there may be anger in the heart, courage to reach out to the hands, I don’t understand those in front of the men of the first strike girls think, if can not bear to suffer who will be?That bruise was a terrible thing to do no matter what, you can’t do anything about your family life, you can’t do anything about your family life, you can’t do anything about your family life, you can’t do anything about your family life, you can’t do anything about your family life, you can’t do anything about your family life, you can’t do anything about your family life.We are human beings, not animals, and we are taught to be reasonable, not to do things when we feel uncomfortable.No matter men and women, no matter strong or weak, as long as the domestic violence of the first move are not justified!Although the angler’s wife eventually apologized, it’s going to be hard for her to believe a woman’s apology just because she was fishing. There will be a next time, and it won’t be about fishing.Physical attack bonus fishing friends give him a very interesting idea: apology is ok, let me buy a dawa first forgive you, if not that apology is not sincere, do not accept!Back fishing friend reply is more interesting: you finish this words is a dozen!Isn’t that better?Two beats will get you a nice ice machine, and three beats will get you a fishing truck!Be afraid to be afraid of so all the time dozen go down, ah ~ after all original don’t forgive her?You can’t go fishing one day a week, rain, snow, sleet, insults, punches.Over time she gets used to it, and once she gets used to it she won’t object to your fishing.Many family conflicts are triggered by one person’s belief that there is room for improvement. Once you get her to realize that there is no room for improvement — that is, fishing once a week — it may feel a little uncomfortable at first, but after a while nothing will happen!It’s like a negotiation. The bottom line is set here. No matter what you say, you’ll give in, and the other party has to take it or leave it.Cut to cure forever?Of course, there is no need for emotionally intelligent people to let things deteriorate to this extent. After all, unreasonable people are only a minority.For example, some fishermen will arrange a day to accompany their wife and children to do housework, cook a delicious meal, and then arrange a day to go fishing, so who would have a problem with that?If there were, seriously, this was not a husband and wife, and the capitalists were given two days’ rest, with the slaves and the heterosexuals?