Year of the Tiger GET Mary Kay Yitai Research series, light up your New Year beauty wish!

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Suddenly, the Year of the Tiger Spring Festival is just around the corner.It’s a time when we all make resolutions to be thinner, richer and…Quietly become beautiful!It may take perseverance and hard work to make your New Year’s wish come true with Mary Kay Yitai Research series. Wish # 1: Girls’ age is a secret, but is it age that we fear?No, it’s just the wrinkles that come with age. After all, no one wants a “weather-beaten” face.So here’s a resolution: age can increase, but fine lines and dry lines do not grow!Wish Come True – Mary Kay Multi-dimensional Anti-Wrinkle Ampere Essence contains multiple skin care ingredients that can eliminate multiple causes of wrinkles, leaving skin moisturized, firm and youthful.Among them, 10% high concentration OF VC, excellent anti-oxygen, promote the generation of collagen and elastin, resist “oxidation lines”;Six wins peptide-8, can reduce skin movement, fade “expression lines”;Resveratrol helps fight oxidation, relieve late night stress and improve “late night lines”.If a woman has a rosy complexion, even if her features are not particularly striking and delicate, she will not be drowned out in the crowd.Dark skin, however, not only lowers your appearance, it may also give an impression of a lack of energy.So here is a wish: do not skin like peeling eggs, but for white point red again!Mary Kay Aurora Clear Ampoule Essence, known as the “sniper” of dullness, can easily repel dullness and brighten skin tone.Ferulic acid has high antioxidant capacity and can effectively block “oxidation dark”.Nicotinamide, can be bright and even, easily improve the “pressure yellow”;Patented white bean extract, is a unique patented ingredient, can regulate skin color, resist skin “partial darkness”.Wish three: skin smooth and delicate season replacement, air pollution, screen radiation, stay up late pressurization…The old keratin on the face is gradually accumulated, and the skin is increasingly rough.If you don’t take a selfie, you are literally a “rough man”. You can’t look straight at it.So stand here wish: hope skin can become smooth and exquisite afresh, tender arrive need not open grind skin!Wish Come True – Mary Kay Skin Rejuvenating Bottle Essence Mary Kay Skin Rejuvenating Bottle Essence contains two core ingredients, AHA and PHA, which “eraser” skin’s rough texture with ease.Specifically, AHA can promote cutin rejuvenation, remove old waste cutin, improve rough;And PHA, can moderate conditioning cutin, delicate skin, improve skin luster.Both pass scientific ratio, synergistic action, can more moderate and effective recuperate skin multilayer cutin, make skin reappear in the past delicate, smooth, transparent.Wish four: lasting moist and full natural dry sensitive skin, is not blown dry all year round, is dried in the sun, sometimes even face skin, dry itching and other problems…Want to make up to cover up, the result card powder unceasingly, simply do not give “muck face” a little remedial opportunity ~ so here make a wish: in the New Year, have a moist and full water light muscle!Wish Come True – Mary Kay Triple Hydrating Bottle Essence Mary Kay Triple Hydrating Bottle Essence delivers hydration beyond the surface through locking + Repair + Holding triple hydrating bottle Essence.Among them, the large molecule hyaluronic acid, with high grasping power, can build an outer “water-locking film” for the skin, making the skin full from the outside;Ceramide, repair skin natural barrier, prevent moisture loss, resist external invasion, improve fragile skin, stable skin condition;Small molecule Hyaluronic acid & AMP;Natural moisturizing factor, small molecule, high permeability, can be filled from the inside, so that the muscle bottom can also “drink water”.Triple water light, layers of progressive, let you dry, sensitive say
88~OK, everyone’s New Year beauty wish has been fulfilled by Mary Kay Yitaiyan series, it’s up to you to make your wish come true.Finally, I wish you all the other wishes for the Year of the Tiger can be fulfilled