Winter Olympics trust unicom power | Guard core computer room “star team”

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Insert video address:Hebei newswise – (Tian Wei) Beijing Olympics in 2022 to the winter games will be held in zhangjiakou division, how to perfect present in every moment, inseparable from the various aspects of close cooperation,Among them, the communication construction in the stadium and the communication guarantee during the competition are very important and need a professional guarantee team composed of a capable force.There are 39 members in the support team of China Unicom National Biathlon Center, including C-level strategic experts of the group and provincial and municipal maintenance stars, who are able to take charge of their own professional fields.Winter two computer room is one of the core computer rooms in Zhangjiakou Competition area. It is also the first one to complete construction and open full service computer room in Zhangjiakou Competition area. It is responsible for the business convergence of ancient poplar venue group and mountain broadcasting center.During the competition, all communication services of each venue group will be transmitted through this machine room, first to Beijing and then to all parts of the world.The venues of the two winter centers are located in the cold environment, and all the cables, cabinets and equipment used by China Unicom for outdoor communication are made of materials and equipment resistant to low temperature, rain and snow, and wind chill.In view of limited access to areas such as shooting ranges and ski slopes, the support team of China Unicom National Biathlon Center adopted POE technology, which can provide remote power supply for communication, photography and other equipment, for power supply and communication.In addition, the support team of China Unicom National Biathlon Center also equipped the venue with 5G+WiFi6 and other advanced technologies to ensure smooth transmission of photography and camera signals.By the time of biathlon training in December 2021, the communication support team of the National Biathlon Center has completed and delivered 14 NER computer rooms, with more than 1,800 fiber core kilometers of optical cables and 560 points of network cables, providing fixed-line, wireless Internet and data transmission services for more than 8,600 hours for various business areas.With the Opening of the Winter Olympics just around the clock, the China Unicom National Biathlon Center support team is ready to ensure the smooth completion of communications support tasks!Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: