Who is the mysterious poisoner?

2022-05-12 0 By

Hello everyone, welcome to Dake Comic book, I am the author dake, take you into the world of comic book.I have a new story for you today called “Fight through the Sky.”Stay tuned!We all know it is disturb. The Chinese word, pronounced J īng R ǎo, means disturb;Disturb.Without further ado, the text reads as follows: The mysterious poisoner shouted: Did you hear that?Get out of here!Medusa replied: Don’t worry about it!I want to see how poisonous you are!What a powerful gas!Interesting!Come again!Xiao Yan give small purple grind feed antidote: hateful!What kind of poison is this?!My antidote didn’t work!Seeing this, Xiao Yan hurried forward and said: the black man, we are not trespass, here buried my ancients.He is also a very important relative of my good friend. Please do not disturb him!Well, that’s the end of today’s cartoon. See you next time!Want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to big can cartoon gluttonous small purple grind poisoning?Magic medicine holy land, small purple grind can really sa Huan!