Taiwan raises the five-star red flag!What system does the island adopt after unification?Taiwan experts tell the truth

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The White House released president Joe Biden’s first Report on Indo-Pacific strategy since he took office, which contained few words of praise for China and even went so far as to intervene in the Situation across the Taiwan Strait, promising to help Taiwan fend off “invasion”.However, an Island think tank said the report reflected the end of “Taiwan independence”, pointing out that the report contained nothing new and fell far short of the expectations of the Taiwan authorities.Moreover, the wording of cross-strait relations and Taiwan’s future is similar to the “two systems” Taiwan plan proposed by The Mainland.To put it more bluntly, Washington does not insist on a “partition status quo”. It respects the possibility of “change” in the future, meaning that it is not opposed to reunification.So the question is, if the two sides are reunified in the future, what kind of system will Taiwan adopt?It’s a question we all care about, but an expert on the island has given us the answer.According to media reports on February 14, Zhang Ronggong, former deputy secretary general of The Kuomintang (KMT), said in an interview that the proposed unification would adopt the “two systems” model similar to that of Hong Kong, but the proposed unification would be “one country, one system”.Frankly speaking, few politicians on the island dare to say this. It is not easy for Zhang Ronggong to speak the truth directly, which not only reflects that he has recognized the essence of the Taiwan straits issue, but also shows his unique qualities different from those of “Taiwan independence” elements. At present, there is no other way for the Taiwan authorities to go, either surrender or be eliminated.The democratic progressive party (DPP) if determined rearguard action, “refused to series”, the use of military force mainland means, the people’s liberation army after landing any room for bargaining, they will lose all the initiative and power of interpretation will be owned by us, when the national all sinners will be punished, spend your life in prison.It would be a very different outcome if the Taiwanese government were to backtrack and start negotiating peace with China from now on, even though the former has little bargaining power and could end up with a decent outcome.As for the islanders, there are few better options than to keep their way of life the same and enjoy the many preferential policies offered by the central government.In other words, the Mainland will solve the Taiwan issue sooner or later anyway, and Washington will probably not really get involved at that time. It is impossible for Taiwan independence to send troops to “protect Taiwan” as expected.Since the fate has already been doomed, why not turn to the bright side and unify with the mainland? In this way, not only the 23 million people in the island pointed out a bright way, but also the long-cherished wish of the Chinese nation for more than 70 years.It is worth mentioning that many people in Taiwan are also eagerly looking forward to the end of “separation” between the two sides, media reported Wednesday. During this Spring Festival, many places in tainan of the island have raised bright five-star red flags.Insiders said the event was organized by pro-Unification activists, who not only raised the national flag, but also sang “March of the Volunteers”, which was warmly received.However, this war can make some hard-core “Taiwan independence” elements angry, democratic Progressive Party “public opinion representative” Tsai Yiyu’s assistant wrote to the local tainan, requiring law enforcement officers to demolish related facilities in the name of “illegal construction”, the interpretation of “green terror”.However, the pro-Unification personnel showed no fear, saying that they would fight for “Taiwan independence” to the end. As the saying goes, those who win the hearts of the people will win the world. With the support of compatriots on the island, why should the great cause of reunification fail?In short, the only path facing the Taiwan authorities is to accept reunification.The difference lies only in how to unify. It is naturally better to use peaceful means, which is definitely a great fortune for the Chinese nation.But let’s be clear, we’re willing to do whatever it takes, and anyone who tries to stand in the way will be punished.For more exciting content, follow Tian Liu Talk