In the first quarter, 51 projects were started in Longgang, accounting for more than half of the total

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On the morning of February 17, the centralized launch of new projects in the first quarter of 2022 and the centralized signing of key projects in Shenzhen was held in the electronic components system-level assembly and R&D Manufacturing Base project site in Pingdi Street, Longgang District. Relevant municipal leaders and principal principals of each district attended the event.A total of 245 new projects in the city were included in this centralized launch activity, with a total investment of 235.47 billion yuan, and the planned investment in 2022 is about 44.39 billion yuan.There are 51 projects in Longgang district, of which social livelihood projects account for more than half.The total investment of 51 projects is about 75.01 billion yuan, and the annual planned investment is about 13.48 billion yuan. The number of projects, total investment amount and annual planned investment quota all rank first among all the districts of the city.The commencement of these projects will further accelerate longgang’s industrial transformation and upgrading, improve people’s livelihood, consolidate infrastructure, and promote Longgang to enter the high-quality development track of Longgang District.Activities at the same time, focus on key projects signing ceremony was held in the city’s eight area, a total of 11 projects involved in the concentration, longgang district local hatch and grow up project jing feng medical research and development production base, shenzhen merit from colin technology co., LTD. Headquarters is also included in the focus on signing activity, two projects with a total investment of 1.26 billion yuan,All are located in Baolong Bio-pharmaceutical Innovation and Development Pilot Zone, Longgang District.Bonhams bio-pharmaceutical innovation development pilot area is the shenzhen city during the period of “difference” to promote the development of biological medicine industry agglomeration focus to build one of the five big park, Hong Kong and Macao to shenzhen and greater bay area first specialized zone located in biological medicine industry, carries the city’s preemption biotechnology frontier highlands, for autonomous control of high-end biotechnology strategy mission.The signing of two biopharmaceutical projects is an important symbol of baolong biopharmaceutical pilot area from planning to landing and construction.Longgang District will take this new commencement activity as an opportunity, adhere to the “new concept, high standard, refinement, quality”, create first-class conditions for the landing of the project construction, firmly promote the early completion of the project, early results, and boost the industrial development of Longgang District, urban quality and people’s livelihood to a new level.Writing: Nandu reporter Yan Peng