Dongguan’s original urban civilization promotion song “Who wants her to be Contaminated with Dust” was released and received a warm response

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“Creative, into the heart!””It reminds me of my childhood.”On February 19, from dongguan city government, lyricist, a famous music producer Fang Yi composer, dongguan local famous male combination, the son of the sun in video production, dongguan daily east of dongguan urban civilization to promote original song “who let her cling to dust” officially released, warm responses caused by the social from all walks of life, party members and cadres, and all the citizens netizen forwarded, thumb up,It is considered that the song is gentle, warm and recalls memories. It is a melody of local culture, which shows the cultural heritage of the city and encourages everyone to grow up together with civilized Dongguan.Warm response: the song reflects the beauty of the city, highlighting the city culture “high level!Very creative!”Liu Yongding, director of the city’s comprehensive law enforcement Bureau, commented after watching the MV “Who wants her to be contaminated with dust”.Liu Yongding said that the song has a familiar melody, both playful and soft, the picture also fully reflects the city of Dongguan, livable and inclusive harmony, more highlights the passion of Dongguan and gentle and elegant.”Grounding gas, into the heart,” dongguan city moral model, stone platoon traffic police brigade captain Xie Dongyang said, “who would like her to be contaminated with dust” MV said to the heart, sing to the heart, remind us of memories, but also caused us to think about the present and the future.The songs are in line with the preferences of lingnan and Dongguan people and belong to our cultural melody.”As dongguan people, feel proud, Dongguan is moving forward, we have a long history, but also today’s gratifying achievements, but also have a promising future, in Dongguan, we grow together.”Wang Qingyu, a moral model in Dongguan and the president of the South City Volunteer Association, said that the MV “Who wishes her to Be Infected with Dust” made him feel deeply. He had been in Dongguan for many years and witnessed the development and changes of the city, and had a family and a career in the city.Dongguan is an inclusive city with a high degree of social morality, which has enabled tens of thousands of people to work and live in this city.”The song just fits in with rain water, which is one of the 24 solar terms. The continuous rain reminds me of my growth as a volunteer in Dongguan. I hope Dongguan will become more and more beautiful and we will live together in this beautiful city.”Chen Lijun, deputy director of qingxi Town education, culture, sports and tourism office, said that the MV of “Who wants Her to Be In the Dust” was well shot and added dongguan’s own elements to guangfu music, which sounded very creative.The MV shows the intangible cultural heritage of Dongguan, so that both local and foreign builders can better understand the history and culture of Dongguan, and understand the continuous development and prosperity of the city.”In the ‘rain’ this solar term launched, very innovative, all things recovery, showing the hope of the city of Dongguan.Wu Zhiwei, head of the hongmei Town water pollution control site headquarters, is a native of Hongmei. He forwarded “Who would like her to be Contaminated with dust” to moments of friends.”MV combines the cultural heritage of Dongguan with modern times, with the participation of the old, middle and young generations and warm tunes, which can promote the citizens to participate in the building of a civilized city.”Wu zhiwei said that dongguan’s environment is becoming more and more beautiful because of the joint efforts of everyone living here.To treat the environment as we treat ourselves, our families, with love to maintain, let us together for the beautiful environment of Dongguan continue to work hard!Ren Shiying, a postgraduate student at the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts, said she had lived in Dongguan for 16 years and was currently working as an intern in the city.In MV she saw the street beauty that oneself lives at ordinary times a lot, feel very kind, dongguan happiness index is very high, climate is comfortable, the rhythm of people’s life is more relaxed also, everybody goes climbing water lian mountain on the weekend, see flower field, recreational recreational way is very much, the feeling is particularly interesting.”In recent years, I feel dongguan is changing constantly. With more subways and buses, there are many more routes, which is very convenient.At the same time, many large shopping malls have been built, and people’s choices of shopping, eating and playing have become more diversified.The economy is getting stronger and stronger. Many enterprises are transforming and upgrading, and Dongguan is getting closer to first-tier cities.”Lu Sui, an art teacher in Dongguan, said the music video, which combines traditional Cantonese nursery rhymes with a local group from Dongguan, immediately puts her in the first few scenes.Lu Sui primary school fifth grade with her parents came to Dongguan to live, with dongguan has been connected for 16 years.”Dongguan has changed a lot in recent years. I went to another city to study in college. Every time I came back from vacation, Dongguan would give me a different surprise.With the subway and guomao, the street at my door is getting brighter and more spacious, which is why I chose to come back to this city.”Lu sui says she works in education, and compared with her school days, children today are more confident and have a broader perspective, which is also a reflection of the city’s development.”I grew up in Dongguan. After watching the MV” Who Wants Her to Dust “, I recalled the happy things in my childhood. Dongguan is full of talents, with better economic development, more convenient transportation and more beautiful city.”Dalang town lane end village publicity committee Chen Yaohua said.Talk about creation: hope everyone can love dongguan this “home” city civilization do propaganda and education section chief Lin Yuxiu introduced, the 15th party congress of the city proposed to promote “ten million people and the city deep integration, co-existence and common prosperity”, urgent need we take the initiative, active as.This song is produced under such a background, telling the story of the interdependence and common growth between people and the city.The song can be recognized by everyone, she believes that the main reason is everyone’s love for Dongguan.Love comes from all the creative staff, they carefully with love, carefully polished such a song;Love also comes from everyone in the city, whether it is helping each other on the road to fight the epidemic, or “Looking for dongguan’s benefactor”, which attracted the attention of the whole Internet a few days ago, which embodies full of love and constitutes the soul of this song.Tell from this Angle, it is all dongguan citizen participation “creation” come out.Lin yuxiu introduced that the song is named “Who Wishes Her to Be Contaminated with Dust”, hoping to convey two ideas to the people: one is clean city, including the clean hard environment and soft environment;The second is the warm city, overflowing with human kindness.Next, the municipal Civilization Office will continue to do a good job in the publicity and promotion of the song, and promote the song in more fields and occasions to display and sing, hope that everyone living in Dongguan, can take good care of dongguan, this “home”, and willing to pay for her, let her become cleaner and warmer.Children of the Sun, who sang the song “Who Wants Her to Catch the Dust”, said that they felt honored and full of expectations when they received the singing and filming assignment.Because this is a song to promote the image of Dongguan, promote the civilized spirit of Dongguan and spread the positive energy of Dongguan city, we feel very proud and honored to “speak” for Dongguan with our song!”We, the four members of The Children of the Sun, all come from different places. We are connected by music and by the same dream and pursuit.Three of us are music teachers and one is a cultural manager. Our dream is to be artists who can stand on the platform and get on the stage.”Children of the Sun said Dongguan provided a stage for them to realize their dreams.Speaking of the biggest characteristics of Dongguan, the most attractive part of the group “Children of the Sun” is their “pragmatism” and “tolerance”. It is a good place to pursue their dreams.The children of the Sun group said:”We were born and grew up in Dongguan, which has long been our second hometown. In recent years, Dongguan has undergone earth-shaking changes, from a ‘processing city’ to a modern ‘quality and culture city’. We have witnessed and witnessed these changes.Here we have our best youth, our striving youth, and our ardent expectations for a bright future. 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