Discussion on the revision of student exercises

2022-05-12 0 By

In composition teaching, I guide students to use the following four ways to modify their own exercises, improve the students’ ability to experience life and exercise level.Add:Student studies clearly, but the lack of material, not enough to show center, in order to solve this problem, I will timely attention to students life, lets the student multiple perspectives to observe things, to collect all the aspects of material related to the things, to enrich, enriched the contents of the project, achieve the goal of fully reflect the objective things, cultivate the students’ ability of observation and thinking ability garment,Improve the quality of exercises.Minus: in my comments, guidance, students according to their own to express the center, reduce redundant materials, make the article concise and comprehensive, clarify the theme.Such as the material to take new abandon old, “subtract” after the exercise can make readers accurately grasp the context of the article, understand the meaning.Adjustment: under my guidance, the students reversed the order of their own exercises and transposed the disorderly parts to make them logical. By transposing the positions, the sentences in the article were smooth, natural and well-structured.Change: remove the material that cannot explain the center in the exercise and replace it with appropriate material.Such as change not novel material, change with the center is not close to the material, change ambiguous material, etc., by changing the above materials, make the exercise accurately and vividly express the author’s thought will.(Author: Zhang Qiuxian, Zhu Jiapu Primary School, Yangyu, Dry County)