Can’t buy “Ice pier”?Don’t worry, we have stock here in Shanghai

2022-05-12 0 By

Last night the Beijing 2022 Olympics officially kicked off in Beijing Olympic mascot “ice mound mound” top flow once again become a hot spot “ice mound mound” since appearance is rapidly becoming a focus not only become the domestic pets would also have many foreigners in China like a Japanese journalist he not only bought a bunch of ice mound mound of peripheral also sent a box back to Tokyo today pier pier “ice” is superMany people queued for an hour or two at the wangfujing Winter Olympics franchise store in Beijing to get their hands on a handful of ice cubes to take home. The official Olympic flagship store has already sold out its ice cubes.According to Shangguan News, some gas stations in Shanghai still have stock in the first gas station in Shanghai, Chengdu Road, Wuyi Road, Fangdong, Nanhui refueling Center and other 12 Sinopec gas stations, citizens can still buy Bing Dwen Dwen and other Winter Olympics mascot souvenirs and other cultural and creative products.Staff introduction, some gas stations are still in stock.Mr. Zhang enjoyed afternoon coffee with his family and friends on the second floor of the First sinopec gas station located on the riverside of Suzhou. He also couldn’t wait to show his friends the winter Olympics ice Cube mascots he bought at the gas station.In front of the concession counter of the Winter Olympics at the First gas station, a pair of twin sisters stop in front of the “Ice Dun Dun, snow Rong Rong” and choose their favorite mascots.The reporter discovers, ice dun dun and snow rong rong’s cultural creation product is very much, not only the muppet toy that has charmfully charming, still have canvas bag, album, notebook etc. stationery.The first gas station sold nearly 50 winter Olympics souvenirs three days before the holiday.Ice pier a whole lovely live!Who wouldn’t want to own a cute ice dwen dwen?Blunt!I just don’t know if I can still buy it. After all, experienced netizens are too worried to sleep.Shanghai Newscast is a comprehensive review of news, chatterbox, netizen comments and so on