Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province: Leisure, entertainment and public cultural venues will be suspended

2022-05-11 0 By

At present, the COVID-19 prevention and control situation is grim and complex.In order to further strengthen the prevention and control of COVID-19 in Yangzhou, resolutely prevent the risk of the importation and spread of the epidemic, and effectively protect the safety and health of the people, the relevant matters for strengthening the prevention and control of the epidemic are hereby announced as follows: 1.All people from other places should report to their communities (villages) and units (or hotels) immediately before or after their arrival, and actively cooperate with epidemic prevention and control measures such as information registration, nucleic acid testing and health management.2. Strictly implement traffic travel epidemic prevention and control measures.All inspection measures should be strictly implemented at the entrances and exits of expressways, national and provincial roads, and ferry services. Wearing masks, taking body temperature, scanning yangcheng code, checking Sukang code and travel card should be strictly implemented at “two stops, one station and one dock”, taxis (online taxi service) and buses.3. Strictly implement prevention and control measures in key places.Entertainment place, cinema, Internet bar, gym, bathroom, yoga, foot massage, acupuncture and moxibustion pavilion, bars, KTV, gymnasium, chess and card room, mahjong and other leisure entertainment business shall be suspended, art galleries, museums, cultural centers, libraries, study (city) and other public cultural sites are closed.Colleges and universities, pension institutions, welfare institutions, construction sites, prisons and other places shall be closed for management.Farmers’ markets, shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, Banks, restaurants, hotels, beauty parlor, scenic spots, parks and other outdoor public places wearing masks must be strictly implemented, measuring temperature, sweep sweep “Yang city via code”, examine Su Kang yards, travel card, and peak, the current limit of 50%, the implementation of the epidemic prevention and control measures were in place will be shut down.Iv. Strictly implement the prevention and control measures of schools and off-campus training institutions.Nucleic acid testing was strengthened in colleges and universities, schools (kindergartens) at all levels in the city, and off-campus training institutions and child-care institutions all stopped offline training and teaching.Fifth, strictly implementing the primary responsibility for epidemic prevention and control.Government agencies, enterprises and public institutions (window service units), all types of market entities, and social organizations should fulfill their primary responsibilities, strictly implement prevention and control measures, and do a good job in daily environmental eradication according to regulations.Cleaning, security, food delivery, express delivery, logistics and other sectors should strictly implement epidemic prevention measures in accordance with the requirements.Vi. Strict management of medical institutions and implementation of the responsibility of epidemic prevention and control at “sentinel points”.We will strictly manage pre-examination and triage in medical institutions and the admission and treatment of patients with fever. Medical institutions without fever clinics are forbidden to treat patients with “ten symptoms”, and strictly implement closed-loop management requirements for patients with fever and other symptoms.In addition to emergency and fever clinics, hospitals at or above the secondary level carry out appointment registration, strictly limiting visits and escorts.All kinds of outpatient departments and private clinics in the city suspended diagnosis and treatment services.Online and offline pharmacies have suspended the sale of four categories of epidemic monitoring drugs, including antipyretic, cough suppressant, antiviral and antibiotic.7. Strict management of community (village), community and village.Pressure in real place, department, unit, individual “quartet responsibility”.On the basis of ensuring fire safety in urban communities and villages, access channels shall be reasonably set up according to the actual situation, and forces shall be on duty in shifts. Personnel entering the city shall strictly implement measures such as wearing masks, taking body temperature, scanning “Yangcheng Scanning code pass”, checking Sukang code and travel card.The community prevention and control responsibility system has been implemented for community officials, grid workers, community-level medical workers, police and volunteers.Strictly control gathering activities.Strictly control the number and scale of conference activities in accordance with the principle of “not necessary and not held”.In principle, the gathering activities of government agencies, enterprises and public institutions shall be suspended, and those that need to be held shall be reported in advance, and all prevention and control measures shall be strictly implemented.Urban and rural areas in the city advocate “slow wedding, simple funeral, banquets do not do”, rural greenhouse banquet suspended.Nine, strictly implement the citizens out preparation system.The majority of citizens are “not necessary, do not leave”, and those who really need to leave should report to their communities (villages) and units before leaving, and report to their communities (villages) and units after returning and do a good job of health monitoring.People with yellow codes must do a good job of personal health monitoring, reduce contact with others, avoid travel until the risk of infection is eliminated, report abnormalities in time, and implement prevention and control measures as required.(CCTV reporter Tang Gaolin and Wu Rui)