With greenwood shirts free of charge and Rangnick keeping Lingard, United are ready to drop Aoki

2022-05-11 0 By

United’s young star has been dropped from the squad as allegations of abuse at Greenwood continue to swirl.Greenwood has been released on bail, but united manager Michael Rangnick has confirmed he will not return to united’s games or training sessions until the incident is over, and that lingard has been retained to make up for greenwood’s lengthy absence.United, it seems, are ready to let go of Greenwood.In addition to the above measures, it is reported in the English media that Manchester United officials have confirmed that any greenwood shirt holder will be able to replace it free of charge at Manchester United. This is more important than the above.It seems that not only the club are ready to give up, but the fans are ready to give up on Greenwood, and the situation could get worse. If the matter is not resolved, Greenwood could still face very severe disciplinary action and career damage.So far, it looks like Greenwood has affected Lingard’s career as well as his own.The winter transfer window would have been the perfect time for Lingard to leave, with United able to secure a fee, a new team and strong signings for him.However, lingard is still with united at the end of the transfer period and will have to wait until the summer transfer window to see if things can be changed and a New Deal can be agreed.Lingard and Greenwood may not overlap from a positional standpoint, but both have versatility up front, allowing for a more versatile attacking combination.In the tactical system, Lin lagarde actually has a lot of play space, but after considering the growth of the young players and other players playing time, Lin lagarde doesn’t get too many chances, new changes have taken place in the situation, Lin lagarde might soon appear in alternatives, until completely conquer lang Nick,Or waived by the team.As for what happens next at Greenwood, nothing is settled yet, so it’s impossible to predict the outcome.But his career at Manchester United is likely to come to an end, as fans of the world’s top club will find it hard to accept a player who has behaved so badly, and Manchester United’s image will be greatly affected.He may move to another league or another team next, but either way, this stain will follow him for a long, long time.