Once again, guangdong Sports Channel has made a special program for the Beijing Winter Olympics!

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Hello, everyone, I am the demon of water demon, today continue to talk with you about the sword network 3 of those things.Below source network, microblog, paste bar and so on assault delete!Swordnet 3 this little bad swim out of the circle again!I don’t know if you know that Guangdong Sports channel has issued a special topic about sword net 3 ice and snow sports!Yes, with the approaching of the Beijing Winter Olympics, sword net 3 has been thinking about how to connect the game with it!When deciding to make this project, the planning team of Jiannet 3, which was in the knowledge blind spot of ice and snow sports, was also very upset. However, they did not choose to give up, but found Teacher Chen Lu instead!Chen Lu and Wu Dajing, a group of athletes, are also very supportive of this online experience of ice and snow sports. In the “ice dance” based on figure skating in the game, Chen Lu personally did motion capture, and told the planning team of Jiannet 3 by hand what points should be done and what moves!This also makes me feel more deeply that Jiannet 3 sincerely invites teacher Chen Lu, the “No.1 figure skating in China”, to be the dream builder of ice and snow sports.The name is truly deserved.How many people are addicted to “dancing on ice” in the game over and over again, and have been chasing new songs, to dance in pairs!At the same time to light 6.0 do base to alpine skiing for the play of the “speed skating challenge”, also let many people feel the charm of speed skating, I am also at this time to really understand the ice athletes, just want to say a word: strong!Guo Weiwei, producer of Swordnet 3, also said that swordnet 3 is a martial arts game, which needs to be combined with modern ice and snow sports. He also put a lot of thought into it.After finishing the content of the game, how to promote ice and snow sports to more people is also what Jiannet 3 has been doing.Weibo topic jian net 3 ice and snow pageant, also has a lot of hot discussion!A number of players show up at the ski resort, giving other players time and again the charm of skiing.At the same time, there are also a lot of national style skiing, national style skating, through the online experience of ice and snow sports charm, so as to affect the offline, this is also a good thing jiannet 3!So would you like to have a date with ice and snow across the line?Let’s look forward to the Opening of the Winter Olympics in Beijing on Feb 4. Who would you like to watch with then?Should I watch it in front of the TV with my parents or with a bunch of friends and relatives?