Obtain provincial fugitive clues yi ‘an public security quickly captured it

2022-05-11 0 By

Tongling city public security bureau police YiAn bureau recently through its own WeChat public, get more help from a henan police catch the suspect leads policemen quickly after work will suspect soon caught on March 10, the branch of five loose the policemen dialectical phone received a WeChat nickname called deep blue add buddy information, dialectical point open after adding, the other party immediately suggests that identity,He said he was from the Public Security Bureau of Zhengyang County in Henan Province. Recently, when they were dealing with an online fraud case, they found that the suspect wang was from Tongling.Because before concerned about Zhang Hao’s wechat public number, know that Zhang Hao is tongling police, then hope zhang Hao to help pay attention to this person, choose the opportunity to arrest.It turns out that Zhang Hao is also a little police skills instructor. In his spare time, he likes to write some tips on police skills and share them with netizens on his wechat public account. Although there are not many fans, they are all over the country.After receiving clues, police Zhang Hao side to the main leadership report, while actively carry out research and judgment work.Considering that Wang mou is a first-time offender, then, Zhang Hao decided to contact wang mou directly by telephone, advised its surrender, finally, under the publicity of Zhang Hao’s legal policies, wang Mou, the fugitive suspect, put down the burden of thought, came to the police station to surrender.March 11, Wang is suspected of fraud handed over to henan police processing.