Henan Songshan longmen’s new aid may be a central defender, “Mr. Yiyuan” may leave Henan

2022-05-11 0 By

Now, according to the news, Chongqing captain Yang Shuai may come to Henan, which will be the first signing of Central China Iron Army before the 2022 season. Fans are still happy.Is Yang Shuai chongqing team captain, or a linebacker, also selected a state team, power to be reckoned with nature, Yang Shuai came to henan, increased again at the heart of the defence, but the problem is, because of the henan team defender no shortage of people, even a bit crowded, Yang Shuai arrival, let zhongyuan tiejun defence more heated.Now The Henan team has: Sunic qi, Gu Cao, Xiao Niu, Chen Hao, Luo Xin, Liu Jiahui, Zhao Yuhao.Coupled with the arrival of Yang Shuai, eight players competing for three starters, such competition is too “cruel”, such a hoarding of central defenders, Javier must have their own use, the coach’s thoughts can not be guessed, but this will certainly leave someone.With eight players already at centre-back, who will leave?First of all, schunic is the main foreign aid, the anchor of the team, so bosnia will not leave, this point can be 100 per cent sure.Gu Cao, the big brother, has been in the team for decades. The team has participated in the Asian Champions League that year. Although his age is a disadvantage, his excellent performance in last season has been recognized by the fans and reassured the club that “Lian Po is not old”.Sunic and Gu Cao will not move, the Mavericks are the team’s future star, the current Niu Ziyi has been a regular national team, so Javier has no reason not to reuse the young player.The Mavs are safe at center guard, that’s for sure.And Then there is Luo Xin, who is now the vice captain of the team, and wears the captain’s armband when Wang is away, so there is no problem with Luo Xin’s position.Chen Hao started as a striker, and now Xavier requires the central defenders to participate in the attack, so Chen Hao’s advantages come out. Therefore, Chen Hao is between the main force and the reserve, so the team has a place.Only two people remain: Lau Ka-fai and Zhao Yuhao.Liu Jiahui is the team’s own training of the small player, although last season some games play not good, but a freshman, in the game to exercise their own, this is the team’s dominant idea, so Liu Jiahui next season is still few opportunities, but into the roster is not a problem.So leave only Zhao Yuhao, first is the player on loan, the fee is RMB, so natural not low salary, now the football association limited pay again, Zhao Yuhao salary is a problem, the point is, Zhao Yuhao came to the team last season, just played a few games were injured, restore later, not bright eye, so now the team centre-back crowded,The man most likely to leave is Mr.