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In order to provide employment services for key enterprises and all kinds of job seekers in Minhou County after the Spring Festival, according to the unified deployment of the Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security and the actual situation of Minhou County, the county bureau of Human Resources and Social Security recently plans to carry out a series of local recruitment activities of “Spring Breeze Action” for employment and talent recruitment of service enterprises.One, the theme of the activity spring breeze to warm the job in Minhou is minhou people, employment and entrepreneurship good future love home to stay home, jointly build home beauty two, service objects (a) have the transfer of employment intention of rural workers, the focus is minhou County employment assistance object and has not realized the employment of workers;(2) Migrant workers from Fujian province, especially those from the central and western provinces;(3) All kinds of employers with recruitment needs, especially key enterprises in Minhou County that have made “honest employment commitment”;(4) College graduates who have the desire to start businesses or find jobs;(5) there are special groups within the age of the labor force, such as persons who have been requisitioned for land, community correction personnel, persons recovering from drug addiction, and persons released after serving their sentences;(6) Other workers willing to find employment or start their own businesses.Iii. Purpose To build a public recruitment service platform and promote the precise connection between employers and job seekers;Combining with the local reality, vigorously publicizing the employment and entrepreneurship support policies in Minhou, and implementing targeted public employment services according to the characteristics of different groups.Four special arrangements, (a) center from the county seat of time: on February 10 to 11 location: fujian folk park west square, MinHou JingXi town economic and technological development zone (2) special time: location: on February 14, in the citizen square (3) special academic city, took to the streets in town southeast of time: on February 15, location: southeast academic city kechuang centre baisha town special time (4) :On February 16, location: white sands near a farmers’ market (5) special motor city southeast of time: 18 February 17 solstice location: qing kou stadium (6) township in the special time: on February 22nd, location: the township government in the new cultural building (7) special DaHu Township time: before February 23 location: DaHu Township former (8) at the ping township market supervision management special time:February 24 venue: Tingping Village v. Activity requirements All personnel entering the job fair must hold the green health code and communication travel card green code, and voluntarily accept the epidemic prevention and control measures such as temperature measurement.Participants can register at Minhou County Labor and Employment Management Center.Contact: Lin Qi, Chen Zhihong Tel: 0591-62091913 Email: mhxjyzx@163.com Source: Minhou Human Resources and Social Security Bureau Editor: Song GUI, Wu Zihang, proofing, Zhang Xiang, Lin Dan, Wang Liqiang, Pan Jie, Supervisor: Xie Yongjie, Ni Xinxin