“The same face pretending to be 4 subject teachers”, punishment

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March 11, Nandu reporters learned from the General Administration of Market Supervision, the bureau organized to carry out the “protect the seedlings and help the old” advertising special rectification action, which mentioned “a typical advertising problem in a number of education and training ads posing as teachers of different subjects.”Nandu previously reported that in January 2021, a woman with short hair represented four educational institutions at the same time, which attracted widespread attention. Some scholars cited the advertising law at the time and pointed out that the woman in the video “acted as an educator in an educational advertisement, which itself is illegal”.According to the State Administration for Market Regulation, starting in April 2021, it will organize a nationwide campaign to clean up false and illegal advertisements for medical, pharmaceutical and health food products and a campaign to clean up educational and training advertisements.Campaign targeted medical treatment, medicine, health food, education and training in areas such as advertising, such as introducing health, keeping in good health knowledge disguised form of false medical treatment, medicine, health food advertising, using scientific research units, academic institutions, education agencies, etc for recommendation, prove that advertise education training, pretending to be a doctor, experts, professors, scholars,Misleading the elderly, young people “magic doctor” “famous teacher” advertising, without the approval of medical advertising advertising, exaggerated effect and against the public order good customs of medical beauty false illegal advertising.In the field of education and training, the market supervision department imposed a total fine of 715,100 yuan on four online education institutions involved in the case of “a typical advertising problem of pretending to be a teacher of different subjects in several education and training advertisements”, which attracted high social attention.An administrative penalty of 300,000 yuan shall be imposed on advertising production and business units.It is reported that during the rectification action, the national market regulatory authorities at all levels for medical treatment, drugs, health food false illegal advertising penalties a total of 86.65 million yuan, for education training false illegal advertising penalties a total of 41.72 million yuan.In the next step, the State Administration for Market Regulation will continue to consolidate the results of rectification, maintain a high pressure and severe crackdown on false and illegal advertisements, pay close attention to people’s livelihood, adhere to the problem-oriented, actively respond to the hot issues of social concern and consumer concern, and create an honest, standardized and orderly consumption environment for consumers.Narada previously reported that in January 2021, a woman, sometimes a “math teacher” and sometimes an “English teacher”, used the same face to represent four different educational institutions.On January 19, the customer service of Gaotu Classroom, one of the online education platforms involved, told Nandu that the company had taken note of the incident, removed the controversial video advertisement, and was checking and processing the video.Nandu reporter search found that the woman appeared in the advertisement, or the short video account “Mom destroy me again” mother role.As of Jan 22, the account had 2.772 million followers, and the products in the shop window are mainly a high-calcium milk powder for middle-aged and elderly people priced at 189 yuan.In this regard, Yao Zhiwei, executive director of the Intelligent Rule of law Research Center of Guangdong University of Finance and Economics and professor of economic Law department, once told Nandu reporters that advertising fiction needs to make the audience obviously aware of the obvious exaggeration in the advertising, otherwise it may constitute false advertising.Citing the advertising law, Yao pointed out that “education and training advertisements should not use the names or images of scientific research institutions, academic institutions, educational institutions, industry associations, professionals or beneficiaries to recommend or prove the legitimacy of actors in online educational advertisements.”He pointed out that the woman in the video “plays the role of an educator to advertise education, itself illegal.”Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn