Liu Xuezhou death in doubt will restart the investigation, netizens question: who may become the murderer?

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Liu Xuezhou cause of death appeared new doubt, think Liu Xuezhou is not likely to commit suicide, because, in February 18, a large number of exposure in the network, Liu Xuezhou before death, once when chatting with a friend, said: I won’t commit suicide, if have an accident, must be hurt by the person!Exposure of chat logs, is said to be Liu Xuezhou was a friend who met at studio, Liu Xuezhou and know the net friend, made a special trip to go to sanya with the net friend meet, and become the real friend, after two people in the know, relations have been very good, almost no words do not say, in news from suicide Liu Xuezhou after a month or so,The net user and Liu Xuezhou chat record exposure on the network, caused a great response.The chat records and liu’s blog post were confirmed by liu’s aunt, whom Liu regarded as his mother, and the application for investigation of Liu’s death was put forward to the relevant departments. It is said that the relevant departments have launched investigation procedures.Liu Xuezhou, this is only fifteen years old sun boy, short life is full of frustrations, three months was sold by biological parents, and at the age of four, as if his own parents also killed by accidents, from then on, small Liu Xuezhou with grandma and grandpa grandmother grandfather slowly grow up, their aunt gave him the greatest maternal love in life, so much so that in Liu Xuezhou before his death,Changed my aunt into my mother!Liu Xuezhou’s fate is bumpy, but he was in the process of reading showed a strong, familiar with his teachers are also very praise for him, but also in the school’s student union, mixed with vivid.Perhaps because he had no parents at the age of 4, when he knew that he still had his biological parents, he also began to look for his parents, and soon succeeded in finding his biological parents.Unfortunately, to find his biological parents, not only didn’t give him a major turning point in life, but because the rumors Liu Xuezhou ask parents for housing, was part of the media exposure, to a large number of network violence, Liu Xuezhou before, not only some direct messages to abuse, and even a threat to people, give Liu Xuezhou caused serious psychological burden.On January 24th, the Liu Xuezhou was died in sanya, hainan, because he had a history of depression before his death, as a result, most people think, a lot of critical pressure is caused by Liu Xuezhou towards the leading cause of suicide, therefore, the network platform has been blocked up to about 2000 network account, these accounts, all doubt has been carried out on the Liu Xuezhou DMS asked and abuse.Thought, as the Liu Xuezhou suicide, in people’s sigh again, the unfortunate incidents will gradually fade out people line of sight, but, not to a month, Liu Xuezhou lifetime friend will chat after exposure to the network, will once again created waves, many netizens have called for, must investigate the truth clearly, since have doubt,Can’t let this already unfortunate Liu Xuezhou death is not clear!At the time of the storm, there are also netizens question: if Liu Xuezhou is not suicide, then, who is the murderer?Who could be the killer?A 15-year-old boy, who does that affect?Liu Xuezhou was found, it is a spot on the sea in sanya, hainan, when a couple found a bottle and coma Liu Xuezhou around an empty bottle and called the police, but save for a few hours, still not save his life, and now, the exposure chat net friend say, the day has been in contact Liu Xuezhou constantly, Liu Xuezhou even said to please people eat,The whole journey completely without a word to reveal suicidal tendencies, and, the netizen thinks, Liu Xuezhou that day should not be a person at the seaside, so, Liu Xuezhou in the last before going to Sanya, who is the preparation meeting?Who would want to be with him?According to relevant reports after Liu Xuezhou’s death, none of liu’s biological parents showed up after his death in Sanya, but only liu xuezhou’s relatives and aunt rushed to Sanya to deal with the aftermath.Now, ms Liu Xuezhou aunt chai has been submitted for review application, relevant departments have also been accepted and has started investigating, barrister Zhou Zhaocheng will provide free legal assistance, whether Liu Xuezhou homicide, believe that there will be a final result, in today’s high-tech era, if someone is really a crime, will leave traces and was in the sky!However, After all, Liu Xuezhou’s mind is not fully mature, under the pressure of network public opinion network violence may be limited, even if he had said that he would not commit suicide, it is difficult to ensure that he will completely adhere to this promise, therefore, all only wait for the relevant departments of the investigation results shall be subject to!