Is Montane stupid?With 300,000 men, why would you choose death over rebellion?

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Soon after Zhao Kuangyin joined the army in the yellow robe, he drank a cup of wine to explain his military power. Liu Bang killed countless founding fathers after he accomplished his great cause…Since ancient times, the emperor was afraid of being overruled by his subjects. In order to stabilize the country, he would even execute his brothers many times to save himself and fire and water.In theory, to be able to make a career and become a key official around the emperor, must have a certain political sense, can sense the coming crisis.But why did they choose to die generously instead of rebellion to find a way out for themselves?General Meng Tian of the Qin Dynasty was one of the most typical examples.In those days, Meng Tian was far away from the capital and had 300, 000 troops. Why did he willingly go to die?Childe Fusu Died for no Good Reason At that time, The First Emperor of qin traveled east with his chariot frame in a mighty parade, while Childe Fusu was stationed in the north with general Meng Tian.During the eastern tour, Emperor Qin Shi Huang fell ill and died suddenly.The ambitious Zhao Gao knew that his son fusu was unhappy with him, and that he would face exile if Fusu took the throne.His apprentice, Emperor Huhai, did not groom him as a successor and was fit to be their puppet emperor.Zhao Gao and Li Si happened to have the same idea. In order to cover up the news that Emperor Qin Shi Huang had died, they ordered the frame to proceed as planned.With a trumped-up accusation summoned to let Childe Fusu and Meng Tian themselves.Although the Meng Tian that receives a message does not know only emperor has passed away, but he still discovered this among them abnormal.He told Childe Fusu, “There must be something strange in this matter. Let me check it out and then make a decision.Although Meng Tian did not know too much about xianyang, he knew that the first emperor would not make such a hasty decision. He wanted to find out by himself what had happened before such news reached here.However, Childe Fusu directly committed suicide without any warning.The first emperor personally valued the successor has perished, Meng Tian still have what reason to crusade against the thief?At this time, no matter for what reason will appear to be not good, know the matter of Meng Tian can only continue to wait for the news.Results childe Fusu this operation let Zhao Gao et al excited, immediately set out to return to Beijing.Montane was also placed under house arrest.Although Meng Tian still has the command of 300 thousand troops, he is not willing to let himself be planned as a traitor.If Fusu was still alive, he might have fought to help him get back everything that belonged to him. However, Fusu was already dead. Even if he wanted an explanation, he would have no reason not to die if you wanted him to die.At that time, although Childe Fusu had died, Huhai was not the heir to the throne decided by the emperor, and Zhao Gao and Li Si’s sima Zhao’s heart had also been revealed. If left unchecked, the world of The Great Qin would really be held by two outsiders, and the people were in deep trouble from then on.As long as he lifted his arms, there would surely be countless soldiers willing to get rid of Zhao Gaoli si together with him and eradicate the crafty sycophants for daqin.However, Meng Tian felt that the emperor was kind to him, even if the emperor had died, he could not point at his world.Before he died, he said, “From my ancestors to my descendants, I have accumulated faith in qin III.Now I have an army of more than three hundred thousand soldiers, strong enough to betray. But those who know they will die and defend their righteousness will not dishonor the teachings of their fathers and forget their Kings.”Thus, he felt that his rebellion was against the law, would bring shame on his ancestors.In fact, Meng Tian’s idea is easy to understand.As a general of the Qin Dynasty, he admired the shi Emperor, who had established a unified dynasty.For his idol Meng Tian from beginning to end are loyal, even to the point of loyalty.He did not want his words and deeds to be inconsistent with the requirements of the first emperor, so in the end he was caught without a fight, playing a good hand to pieces.And Meng Tian is a believer in destiny, he believes that everything he has experienced is what he must experience.Even if he rebelled, the result would be the same as it was set in the beginning. It would be better to accept his fate from the beginning and not let innocent people die because of him than to fight for nothing.Other reasons meng Tian did not choose rebellion is the result of many aspects.Though he had 300,000 men, he kept his guard on the border.Once these troops are transferred to the capital, the Huns will definitely take the opportunity to attack.At that time, Qin will find itself in an embarrassing situation of internal strife and foreign invasions. If it makes any mistake, it may even lose its state.So, big general Meng Tian to do not let countless innocent people involved in this storm, in order to be able to let big Qin’s jiangshan be like what the first emperor imagines really in that way stretch forever, he chooses grievance to seek perfection, choose to sacrifice oneself to change transient peace.In fact, There is a very important reason for Meng Tian not to rebel — he thinks he is guilty.As is known to all, Qin ruled the world with legalist ideology, and its severe punishment and harsh laws frightened many people.At that time the messenger told Meng Tian that he was involved by Meng Yi, according to the law should be joined.While Meng Yi followed the first emperor on a tour of the east, the details are not known, and when he was executed for what crimes, these are not known.Therefore, Meng Tian always felt that since Meng Yi had been put to death, he must be guilty, even to his own normal.But he still hoped that the emperor would give him a chance to atone for what he had done.Perhaps, until his death, there was a voice in his heart telling him: you are guilty.Moreover, the general’s guard cannot take his family with him for various reasons.They had to stay in the capital.It seemed that the capital was the most heavily guarded place, the best protected, but at the feet of the son of Heaven, their every move was watched.If the generals on guard make any moves, they will be used as bargaining chips.Therefore, Meng Tian did not rebel at the beginning or because of family, but finally can only see the decline of the Family.In fact, comprehensive so many reasons, the main reason meng Tian did not rebel or feel that he may be really guilty.In fact, Meng Tian admired the First Emperor of The Qin Dynasty and feared that the first Emperor of the Qin Dynasty would give him an unwarranted crime, because Kings have the precedent of destroying loyalty and good, he felt that even if the great emperor of the Qin Dynasty could not be exempt from the vulgar.Moreover, the Emperor’s brutality was not in vain.Later, after Childe Fusu committed suicide, Meng Tian felt that he should not rebel, and there was no need to rebel.In this way, a generation of great heroes ended up like this.Perhaps the ancient general because experienced too much killing, bear too many lives, finally can only end up like this!Unfortunately, their ability, as well as that loyal to the monarch’s blood.