If the central bank invests another $4 trillion, chances are it will flow into real estate

2022-05-10 0 By

Recently the housing market is surging, the central bank has issued a series of heavy news, so that the trend of the property market is becoming more and more uncertain.At present, the property market is in a critical point of ups and downs, at this time, the volatility of the news can affect the market trend at any time.In the past January, banks extended $4 trillion of credit to the market.People who pay attention to market dynamics must be familiar with 4 trillion yuan. More than a decade ago, when the economy was in a downturn, China launched an economic stimulus plan and directly invested 4 trillion yuan in infrastructure.This plan directly made the domestic economy hot, and at the same time, the housing price began to rise. The housing price in the first and second tier cities directly doubled.With another $4 trillion stimulus package in the country, there are fears that the real estate boom will be replicated a decade ago.From the recent series of speeches by the central bank, it is strictly controlling the illegal inflow of funds into the real estate.The stimulus plan aims to promote new infrastructure, including 5G and charging piles, rather than the traditional construction of airports, roads and Bridges.However, too much capital will always slip through the net. Under the background of flood irrigation, there are always some funds to escape supervision into the property market and flow into the real estate in various ways.The four trillion won’t directly flow into the property market to have an impact on housing prices. First, it will give a certain stimulus to the property market on the news, and then the missing funds will quietly flow into the property market.From the current situation, a steady rise in the property market is a big probability event.Those who have the ability and need to buy a house don’t have to wait any longer. Buying as early as possible is the best choice.