When the circle of friends becomes scruples, life is “restricted” everywhere

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Somewhere along the way, Posting on moments became a hassle.Sometimes happy things, want to send circle of friends to share their own happiness, copy is ready, but finally not sent.Not do not want to hair, just worry too much, think of this to do things, feel very troublesome, not hair.Over time, there is no desire to send circle of friends.In fact, simple things complicated, trouble will naturally follow.1, Sharing, lost the meaning still remember Gu Xiaonan in Happiness Duet?She likes to share her life on moments. Whenever she meets something happy, she likes to post on moments. Her “best friend” always gives her a “like” every time.Because of the “like”, she has the illusion that the “like” is her friend, but did not think that this does not mean anything.”Like” is a matter of personal preference, not relationship.Therefore, she fell into the illusion of “good relationship”, misunderstood the definition of “best friend”, and became a joke in the eyes of others.Send circle of friends, originally just want to share life, record happiness, but I do not know when it has become to like and send, send anything to think about how to send, like more, slowly lost the meaning of sharing.Sharing, originally pure, is mixed with complex needs, like water mixed with impurities. Drinking too much is harmful to the body.Blindly pursuing “like” will not only affect your normal life and make you ignore the happiness in your life, but also affect your mood. The amount of “like” will control your mood and become uncertain.Post moments, lost the real meaning.2, group shielding, three days can be seen in line with the principle of “good news not bad news”, most people send circle of friends have chosen to shield their parents.But there is always a thin, there are always one or two will forget to screen.Parents saw the worry, and their own suffering, can only be vague.It is not that I do not want to say, but what is the use of saying, will only increase the worry of parents.To friends, colleagues, leaders…The same is true for people who have different relationships with themselves. They choose to screen or be visible for three days, for fear that what they can’t see will be seen, and carefully send their circle of friends.Teasing words can not casually say, not in a bad mood casually hair, love can not casually show……So careful, really tired, a little mistake will have unexpected things happen.Limitations, hair ring lazy, slowly used not to send circle of friends.”The last time I posted it was last year.”In fact, the circle of friends is not not hair, but to be sorted, with garbage classification.About the “bad mood” want to send circle of friends, is harmful garbage can only digest, want to send circle of friends best choose “only their own can see”, record the mood at that time and want to make fun of words.The party between friends is recyclable garbage. If you use the photo once, there may be another time. Make sure your friend has any concerns and needs to take a PHOTO.By the same token, Posting on moments isn’t that hard if you’re patient enough.However, if it’s too much of a hassle, stick to happy things about yourself.Don’t care what others say, just be happy.After all, always scruples this scruples that, life has too many limitations, will only let oneself live more depressed.Living is not easy, rather than uncomfortable with their own brave to do their own.Happy day is a day, carpe diem, want to hair hair.* Pictures reprinted from the network, infringement please contact to delete