When buyers buy a house, they should pay attention to the following 5 points to avoid stepping on pits in advance

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A house with a residential property, can bring the sense of belonging and security, house appreciation after the owner can enjoy better property of dividends, so whether it’s just need or investors, have purchase demand, but building business process is relatively complicated, in an unguarded moment, we can drop pit, below I will say to buy a house in the process of regulation:First, the quality of the quality of the house directly affects people’s living experience, if it is a new house when we can take some water to the ground to check whether there is water seepage;Knock the wall with your hand to avoid empty bags;Repeated sliding doors and Windows to test their flexibility;If necessary, check the water and electricity situation with the help of a multimeter and other tools.If it is a second-hand house, we can see whether the house tilt, wallpaper damage degree and so on, the house exposed without decoration we can refer to the above new house inspection method;It is worth noting that some landlords, in order to get a good valuation, will rebuild the damaged parts of the house at a very low cost before selling.Some listed prices far below the market level of second-hand housing, the probability of quality problems of the house is very large.Fixed number of year of the second, the property of general residential property for 70 years, this is from the land developers time begins to calculate case, no matter what happened, during all these years in the countdown.Although the current property rights are still automatically renewed, but with the development of social economy, it is very possible to introduce the policy of charging for the renewal of property rights.The property right life of new houses is about 68 years, and some second-hand houses with the age of about 20 years are not worth our purchase, because they are likely to face problems such as no loan qualification.Third, the value of the house if they qualify for the loan, not average household can afford, most people still want to rely on loans to buy a house, if you are a part of it, before pay the down payment, be sure to bring your own id and flowing water, to the intention to do a bank loan qualification examination to see whether successful loans.If the loan fails to reach the account designated by the other party due to our own problems before the final payment deadline, our down payment may be wasted.Here also remind the majority of home buyers, in daily life must cherish their credit investigation, even if it is a few dollars of bai also want to return on time, otherwise it is too late to repair credit investigation when applying for a loan.Fourth, understand the importance of supplementary terms supplementary terms are different according to the actual situation of each buyer, buyers and sellers to negotiate the part, to some extent, its importance even more than the purchase contract.We can agree in the supplementary terms to deliver the time and delay the delivery of the liability for breach of contract and so on, the transfer of ownership procedures are also very important.Fifth, do not casually pay the deposit deposit is unilateral behavior, buyers and sellers can be returned to the payer after consultation;And deposit has assure property, after giving pay any one party produced breach of contract responsibility will be punished, we do not want to hand in as far as possible for the rights and interests of oneself, calculate pay also cannot exceed advocate contract total 20%.