The draw for the Asian Men’s Basketball Cup has drawn China and South Korea in the same group

2022-05-09 0 By

The draw ceremony for the 2022 FIBA Asia Cup has just concluded. As the first tier team, China has been drawn into Group B for the first time. They will be grouped with South Korea, Chinese Taipei and Bahrain.Chinese Men’s Basketball team started to participate in the 8th Asian Championship in 1975. Up to now, they have participated in 21 competitions and won 16 championships in total, which is the best team in the history of Asian Cup.But in recent years, Chinese men’s basketball team has gradually lost its dominant position in Asia.China’s men’s basketball team lost to Australia in the quarterfinals of the 2017 Asian Cup and failed to advance to the semifinals, only finishing fifth, which was the worst result for China in the Asian Cup.With Australia and New Zealand participating in the tournament, as well as the strong Iranian team, China’s advance to the semifinals is the bottom line.After finishing the Asian Cup in July, The Chinese men’s basketball team will play the Asian Games in Hangzhou in September.Playing at home again, The Chinese men’s basketball team can not afford to lose, and defending the title is their only goal.For the Chinese men’s basketball team, which has entered the “post-Yi Jianlian era”, reconstruction has already begun.It is certain that Guo Ailun and Zhou Qi will be the core of the team inside and outside, and the performance of Zhao Rui, Wu Qian, Zhang Zhenlin and others will also be a key factor in determining the result.The 2022 Asian Cup will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia, from July 12-24.Reporter Huang Yike map according to the fiBA responsible editor he Qitie editor Wang Jian proofread Wang Juan