Thai king and Yuvada overseas family photo exposure, a family of seven not smiling, all illegitimate identity

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Maha Vajiralongkorn was groomed as crown prince, but his rich emotional history made him one of the most amorous monarchs ever.In the beginning, the nature is good, Maha was not such a romantic person, his affair began with an entertainment beauty named Yu Ada, maha and this beauty 10 years younger than their own way to get along with extramarital affairs, and gave birth to five children in a row, destroyed the marriage of the original princess Songsha Wali.The photograph of the family of six, taken in 1988, is the first to be seen in public and illustrates the family’s awkward social position.The picture was taken abroad when Yuvada was in charge of accompanying and caring for the five children, while Sonsawali was the real crown princess.For the sake of her and her children’s safety, Maha can only arrange the family to live in a foreign country. Judging from the display at home, the living conditions are very rich, which is also one of the reasons why Yuvada is determined to follow Maha.In the photo, the eldest prince is seated between Maha and Yuwada, in position C, and there is no doubt that, according to Thai tradition, as the eldest son, he will be the next king after his father Maha, with a promising future.However, in this photo of the seven members of the family, there is no one smiling, even the children are frowning, it is clear that their life is not happy.The fact that He and his five children had never been recognized as royals, and that they were in a foreign country and lacked a sense of identity, was not helped by maha’s frequent flights abroad to visit them.Maha Vajiralongkorn and Yuvada may have four sons, but it is their daughter Srivan that maha vajiralongkorn clearly cares about most, as she holds her in her arms in this photo.Maha Vajiralongkorn grew up surrounded by women. He has an older sister and two younger sisters who take extra care of the women in his family, which may be one reason maha prefers his youngest daughter.Even after he drove Her out of Thailand, he remained attached to her and flew her home, favoring her in a way his four sons could not.Maha Vajiralongkorn first experienced the joy of this kind of extramarital affair in the process of getting along with Yuvada. The crown prince, who had been living in luxury since childhood, had no interest in material happiness, but this exciting extramarital affair made him even more fascinated.After that, Maha had a relationship with Sirami in her marriage to Yuvada, and with Suthida and Sinina in her marriage to Sirami at the same time. Now, she has as many as 20 concubines. She has openly developed this kind of extramarital affair to the extreme, which is a twisted life.It’s fair to say that no woman married to Maha Vajiralongrong is happy or happy, and while Yuwada enjoys a rich life abroad with five children by her side, she shows no joy in this family photo.Princess Sirami, who was also kind-hearted, did so much for Maha and gave birth to Prince Tibangong at the risk of an elderly woman.The fate will not be much better for the vain women who continue to dream of stepping into Thailand’s royal family as one of the 70-year-old Maha’s many companions.Love is one of the most precious human emotions and should not be controlled by money and power.