South Korea’s winter Olympics delegation has a conservative goal: ban + injury, short track speed skating advantage no longer

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The Korea Sports Council announced in December last year that one or two gold MEDALS and a top 15 overall ranking were the expected goals of the Korean delegation at the Beijing Winter Olympics.Compared with the past, the Korea Sports Council’s goal for the Winter Olympics is conservative, but behind it is the frustration of the poor performance of Korea’s dominant sports such as short track speed skating.Choi Min-jeong has won gold in the women’s 1,500m at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.South Korea’s short-track speed skating team has been the country’s ace in the hole in winter sports, winning 24 of the country’s 31 winter Olympic gold MEDALS.But now that the women’s ace Shen Seok-gye has been suspended and the men’s team Lim Hyo-jun has left the team, The Korean media are worried that in the absence of top players, the Korean short track trip to Beijing may be full of obstacles.The Korean Ice Sports Federation announced the final list of the short track speed skating team on Monday. The women’s team consists of Choi Min-jeong, Lee Yoo-bin, Kim A-yang, Seo Hui-min and Park Ji-yoon, while the men’s team consists of Hwang Dae-heon, Lee Jun-soo, Park Jang-hyuk, Kwak Yoon-ki and Kim Dong-wook.The final selection of the women’s team was significantly different from that of the national team in May 2021, when Shim Seok-gye and Kim Ji-woo, who ranked first and third in the trials, were not included in the final list.In December, Shim was suspended from the national team for two months by the Korea Ice Sports Union for abusing and disparaging coaches and teammates during the PyeongChang Winter Olympics.She applied to the court in January to suspend the suspension imposed by the league, but was rejected.That means Shen shixi will miss the Beijing Winter Olympics, dashing her hopes of competing in three consecutive Games.Kim Ji-woo, who won a silver medal in the women’s 1,000m at the World Cup in Beijing last October, was also left out of the squad due to an ankle injury.Although Kim underwent surgery and was expected to be in time for the Beijing Games, the Korean Ice Sports Federation did not include him in the Olympic team out of concern for athlete protection.Choi Min-jeong is the first lady of the Korean women’s short track team.Choi won silver in debrecen and gold in The 1,000m in Dordrecht last November after returning from injury.Despite many troubles, but Cui Minjing has confidence in Beijing.In an interview with the media in early January, she said, There are many voices saying that Korea s short track speed skating is in a slump, but I will prepare well to prove that Korea still has an advantage in short track speed skating.Lin had trained with the Chinese team last year and appeared at the trials, but this time he was not on the Chinese team’s roster provided by the Beijing Olympics Media information Service.The final selection of the Korean men’s short track team was the same as the result of the trials.With The departure of Lim hyo-jun, hwang dae-heon, 22, has become the leader of the South Korean men’s team.Hwang won three gold MEDALS in each event at the 2021-2022 World Cup, and is in contention in both the 500m and 1,000m events.Park Jang-hyuk, who won two bronze MEDALS in the 1500m at the two World Cups last year, and Lee Joon-soo, the men’s 1500m bronze medalist at the 2019 World Championships, are strong in the 1500m.Speed skating is another strong event for South Korea, and gold medalist Lee Seung-hoon and silver medalist Kim Bo-ryeon of the men’s team start and women’s team start will compete again.Kim Min-seok, who won the bronze medal in the men’s 1,500m at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, is expected to win again in Beijing after winning the men’s 1,500m in group A in Poland in November last year in 1:46.152.Hwang dae-heon’s off-court behavior has brought him a lot of controversy.The South Korean delegation to the Winter Olympics held its inaugural ceremony at the Olympic Park in Seoul on January 25 and announced that it would send 63 athletes to the games.Due to the number of people sent to the Olympic Games has decreased compared to the previous games, coupled with the traditional advantage of short track events are facing challenges, south Korean public opinion generally on the Performance of the South Korean team in the Beijing Winter Olympics do not hold high expectations.However, figure skating rookie Yoo Young debut on the Olympic stage, snowboarder Lee Sang-ho impact new breakthroughs, is still the South Korean delegation to the Winter Olympics visit.Yoo Young, who has been touted as the successor to Kim Yu-na, is about to make her Olympic debut.Liu yong won the 76th South Korean Figure skating Championships and the second round of trials for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics earlier this month with 221.49 points.With the result of the first round of trials, Liu Yong won the qualification for the Beijing Winter Olympics with 430.08 points and the first overall score.Liu yong hopes to win a medal even though she will face tough competition from Russia in the Winter Olympics.Liu yong also said that his goal for the Beijing Winter Olympics is to deliver his acceptance speech in Chinese after his excellent performance.Lehmann m. sustainability.South Korean snowboarder Lee Sang-ho won his country’s first medal of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics by finishing second in the men’s parallel giant slalom.He will challenge for gold in Beijing.Lee sang-ho won the men’s title in 1:12.82 in the first race of the World Cup in December last year.Attention is also focused on whether South Korea’s skeleton bobsledder Yoon Sung-bin, who made a historic breakthrough in the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, the men’s four-man bobsledder, and the women’s curling team will continue their success in Beijing.Curlers Kim Sun-young said the gold medal expectations released by the Korea Sports Council have eased their pressure and they will focus on winning MEDALS.”Curling will be held at the National Aquatics Center, where South Korean swimmer Park Tae-hwan won an Olympic gold medal, and we hope to make history there,” said Kim Eun-jeong, head coach of the curling team.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: