On New Year’s Day, the boy ran into the police station and handed over an envelope!

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During the Spring Festival of this year, in order to make the area of the people to enjoy a safe and peaceful festival, liuzhou Liubei Police brigade of the police station, as usual, the police teams continue to fight on the job, 24 hours a day non-stop busy.At about 9 am on February 1, the first day of the Chinese New Year, a boy who looked about 10 years old ran straight into the Huangcun Police station, handed a brown paper envelope to the auxiliary police on duty with a smile, and then hurried away.At this time, the other civil auxiliary police station is the area patrol prevention and control, the duty room only one auxiliary police on duty, he was stunned, felt very surprised, so quickly opened the envelope to check, found that is four postcards.Look at the postmarks. Two are from Liuzhou, one is from Guangzhou, and one is from Heyuan, Guangdong.”Patrol duty, you regardless of holidays, day and night, cold heat, night cold rain can not stop your shadow…Salute the police comrades who serve the people tirelessly.””Keep the love, attendance zero accidents!””Happy New Year and all the best!”…The difference is the mailing address, but the same is the same wish, the children with immature strokes, simple words filled with greetings and wishes to the police hard work.After a while, other civilian auxiliary police patrol returned, we saw these postcards after the warm words, moved, everyone in the heart of continuous work fatigue, can not be reunited with the family sad, all the hard work, as if in this moment dissipated.We have said that received these warm greeting cards and blessings, is the best gift in the Spring Festival, we will adhere to the purpose of serving the people in the future work, love to do a good job “I do practical things for the masses” work, with practical action to return to society.Later, the police on duty will receive a photo of the card to share in the patrol work group, attracted a large number of colleagues around the point of view, said “no matter how hard it is worth it”.Source: Nanguo Today reporter Xu Jielin