LPL spring EDG beat OMG team, “This is EDG’s dominance”

2022-05-09 0 By

Referring to the ongoing LEAGUE of Legends 2022 LPL Spring Tournament, I believe that the vast majority of League of Legends players who regularly watch the game must be familiar with it. LPL Spring Tournament is the most popular and enjoyable large-scale professional tournament in our LPL division.Since the start of the LPL, it has attracted the attention of countless players because of its unique competition style and professional competition rules. During this period, the fierce confrontation between many top teams also greatly improved the quality of the LPL Spring competition.As WE all know, after the tiger Teeth platform spent a huge amount of money to win the exclusive broadcast right of LPL competition for five years, this year’s LPL Spring Competition will be exclusively broadcast on tiger Teeth live platform. During this period, in order to bring better viewing experience to players, many popular anchors in Tiger Teeth station have taken the second road, such as LNG team and WE team a few days ago,During JDG vs FPX and EDG vs OMG, former LPL pro Mo joined AJ and Crystal to broadcast the three games together.In the first game between LNG and WE, After seeing a Shanks card, Stance commented that “when WE pick a road card, WE basically declare the point lost, just like a rookie playing a card for IG.” Then during the EDG/OMG game,All explanations EDG team and OMG clan gathered in wartime, when you see the OMG team after the rout, posture and promptly said OMG this team may not be able to play, how have no chance, after all, more than fifteen minutes already behind 6 k, but the elder brother of the crystal is praised the OMG is playing better than other teams, the other teams so big disadvantage not strong initiative,It’s a big disadvantage, but they’re looking for a chance.Besides, EDG in 24 minutes to break the three way to bulldoze the OMG clan, crystal elder brother call EDG Edward dominance, and they also said he thought was a good game, the result in the abuse of food, the gesture is said EDG directly the game feel no difference with play TT, have to say that the explanation of the anchor is too interesting,I wonder what interesting commentary these anchors will bring to players in the following matches?Let’s wait and see!