A daily smile, this knowledge does not enter the brain

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Family members, Weiwei built a cute pet communication group!Welcome everyone to scan code to join, together with the cat tease the dog, exchange cute pet fun, cure all unhappy ~ group will occasionally drop red envelope benefits, hurry to scan code into the group to find me to play ~ (has entered the cute pet group partners do not need to repeat add oh) — the following is the text –01 this thing I know is sweet milk!The eyes of the two kittens have been firmly staring at ~ are obediently waiting, will come ~02 very like you to go to school did not wake up ha ha ha ha ha too cute, like will frown 03 dog air catch difficult ~ look, your steak is coming ~ Oh, it is too difficult, can not get ah!04 Give me a hand, I want up!Ouch, I am almost bored ~ finished, as if I broke something again!Nothing makes me happy but money 06 A little sheep accidentally got into a tire and…Next to the little sheep cast envious eyes come to see, take off!07 very sleepy ah, I want to have a rest ~ just what is that, who hit me ~ really headache, brain buzzing ~08 jumped up on the ground to try, found that jumped up can not reach the door handle.Instead, jump onto the climbing rack, where you can easily reach the doorknob.How smart I am!09 This dog I don’t!Want to!!Dogs are so conflicted that when they take a bath they fight back and have fun in the mud.10. Enthusiastic owner teaches calculus to cat ~ cat: ????Cat: said a lot, seem to have no how understand this knowledge not to enter brain!Original title: “A daily laugh, this knowledge does not enter the brain ah!”