Miss the days of ink

2022-05-08 0 By

Since the office computer, I seem to be basically, how did not touch the pen, paperless office, writing and printing are even into one, daily writing has become a rare behavior, not to mention open the four treasures of the study, sitting upright to post.But I do not know why, do not smell the longer the ink, I actually often miss, those days of ink, people is such a strange animal, always to lose or did not get things, there is a kind of inexplicable expectation and longing.I remember when I was a child in my hometown of southern Shaanxi, our primary school hall, specialized in copying calligraphy lessons, commonly known as “writing big characters”.A lot of small partners, are with small inkstones, with a fine ink bar and point of water, in the inkstone circle back and forth thin grinding, looking at the inkstone heart of water a little black, ink gradually rich, scattered in the classroom.We adjust the brush to the copybook, one by one, describing the posture, really a little calligrapher taste.A few bigger students, is more ingenious, in each copy of the big characters four sides, and then dense circle on a group of small characters, as if in the kingdom of ants, guarding the ant king of soldiers like, that kind of concentration and quiet atmosphere, is really a rare enjoyment ah.Now, the computer is as convenient as what, as long as you know a few words, men and women old and young on the keyboard, crackling, can come so a few down time.But if you want to be around, find a few people with neat and strong handwriting, fill in some text information of what, it is really a very laborious thing.Many young people with a high degree of diploma, the handwriting of the two strokes is really called people dare not flatter, feel not, primary school students write well.Still stand to speak not waist pain, ha ha, in fact, I myself is not so, occasionally write, hand are fast to, pick up the pen to forget the word of the point, sometimes even doubt, this word is not written like this, dare not premature decline.People are very good for their own inaction to find excuses, day and night really have so busy?I really can’t find any good excuse for my slacking off.Heart is inferior to action, the study has the day of ink fragrance, should be in at the moment, with respect to inkstone turns grind ink, not as well quick zai.