Legend of Zhen Huan: What does Shen Meizhuang say to Zhen Huan when An Lingrong sings in disguise and is sealed?

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“The biography of Zhen Huan Zhen Huan because of losing a child, and the emperor, the emperor at that time is boring, and succedent houses the emperor luck concubine also hard to bring the emperor, at the class time, AnLingRong get excellent opportunities for superior, warmed by the emperor when repast, AnLingRong make mysterious woman, a song, sing capture the emperor heart, let the king shine at the moment,Anlingrong was honored on the spot.At the same time, Shen Meizhuang says two words to Zhen Huan. What do they mean?First, I have never seen the queen of the emperor was so deep, can put a loved one away in the name of the queen’s jealous harem knowledge, also haven’t seen before in order to let the emperor queen happy, specially with which concubine, but now hear AnLingRong thank, that helped her to cure his throat, and training more than ever is the queen, the queen for the first time such a bother, abnormal things out there will be a monster.Now, zhen Huan is out of favor and the emperor’s interest in concubine Anlingrong is sharply reduced. Anlingrong suddenly appears at this time, and there are so many people arranging the scene, hua Yi mei Fu anlingrong’s ability to get it.Unless behind someone give directions, help, the queen help Anlingrong lure the emperor, so big background, and processing such a play, the queen are supported, it can be seen how much hope to get the emperor’s favor.Others take pains to win the emperor’s favor, but Zhen Huan doesn’t have to play tricks to get the emperor’s favor. She doesn’t want what others have taken pains to win. Zhen is throwing away the emperor’s favor and making her life miserable is asking for it.A gifted Shen Mei zhuang said queen loved one actually has two meanings, one for Zhen Huan, since Zhen Huan love emperor, shouldn’t all be let go, love the emperor queen, but had to use other person to from their rivalry, jealousy of the suffering, because of no appeal to the emperor queen, only from a new concubine, and Zhen Huan is much bigger than queen’s advantage,She doesn’t need to fight for the emperor’s favor. She has to let others accompany the emperor. She can do it herself.Another is to remind yourself, Shen Mei zhuang want so hard Zhen Huan renewed confidence in selling again, first deliberately Zhen Huan depends on how the emperor favour AnLingRong, and then take her to see already crazy dog house wives and rich was noble, not only because sister, but she is afraid of Zhen Huan continue to fall from grace, wen shi early care Zhen Huan so tight, Zhen Huan will accept early wen shi, because movedShen meizhuang is set up by Concubine Hua and gets a disease, but Wen Shichu takes care of her. Shen Meizhuang falls in love with Wen Shichu, but after Zhen Huan falls out of favor, one day he sees Zhen Huan and finds Wen Shichu who is telling Zhen Huan that she is upset.And Shen Mei zhuang now so urged Zhen Huan wins again, actually saw before wen shi with Zhen Huan confessions is used at the beginning of intentionally lead the emperor Zhen Huan, see the results issued wrong, Zhen Huan because of missing children cried myself to sleep with clothes, the emperor was seen, he mistook Zhen Huan also resentment in Zhen Huan after losing a child, not executed HuaFei,Directly tell Su Peisheng he will not come to the broken jade Xuan.Shen meizhuang just wants Zhen Huan to stay in favor of her. She can’t be with Wen Shichu as well as she can. As long as Zhen doesn’t stay with Wen Shichu, shen Meizhuang will be comforted.Second, ling let throat when good, voice more first, before Shen Mei actually always despises AnLingRong zhuang, even for AnLingRong is straight, Shen Mei banker who good background, AnLingRong home is just a little housekeeper, after Yu Ying son poisoning Zhen Huan, substitute one thing for another, says he is the snow girl read a poem, is the emperor know, death, Yu Ying son not to want to see the emperor,But this kind of thing the emperor absolutely no matter, Su Peisheng they made a difficult, is anling Rong to remind Su Peisheng, the Yu Yinger strangled.After Zhen huan and Shen Meizhuang know this, Shen Meizhuang stresses that An Lingrong is too cruel to Zhen Huan many times, and Shen Meizhuang despises An Lingrong.Today, AnLingRong side with their throat is uncomfortable, on the other side to lure the emperor and empress cooperation rivalry, completely not tell Shen Mei and Zhen Huan zhuang, Zhen Huan and Shen Mei ZhuangLianAn ling when to restore the voice, why now than it used to be a good reason has no way of knowing, Shen Mei this is to remind Zhen Huan, zhuang AnLingRong betrayal of Zhen Huan, closer to his own and Zhen Huan sisterly love,Let her know, see, the sister you took care of betrayed you, the way I took care of you when you were out of favor, how can you repay me?Second, let Zhen Huan know, she was every day in the decadent malaise, temple have a plenty of people trying to rivalry, you don’t, can only watch others robbed, AnLingRong everything is better than original Zhen Huan, but somebody else how hard, from his throat is bad, to the hard let voice on a layer of peak and Zhen Huan should cheer up, or will soon be AnLingRong people step on mud, such asEven though Zhen is beautiful and talented, she can’t rest on her laurels. An Lingrong is mediocre, but her efforts are the result of her efforts. Zhen can’t give up on herself like that, or she will have to lose everything in the palace to inspire Zhen to refresh herself.Legend of Zhen Huan: What does Shen Meizhuang say to Zhen Huan when An Lingrong sings masked and gets sealed?In this regard, we have any different views, welcome duo Duo to leave a message in the comment area, I hope readers can strive to be civilized friends, also hope you can start, click attention, like, favorites, a lot of comments, do not forget to forward, support the author, thank you very much!