Leading technology, intelligent travel 22 year model Land Rover Discovery Sport version comprehensive upgrade

2022-05-08 0 By

Since the birth of the first Land Rover Discovery, powerful all-terrain capability, excellent versatility and practicality have become the DNA of the Discovery family.As a young member of the family, the 22-year Land Rover Discovery Sport not only inherits the family’s dominant genes, but also is favored by the market with its 5+2 seat layout and all-round practical design concept.(Land Rover Official Press Release) The ’22 Land Rover Discovery Sport is equipped with JAGUAR Land Rover’s latest electrified electronic architecture platform, EVA 2, with the new InControl OS 2.0 in-car entertainment information system and a series of intelligent driver assistance configuration upgrades, which continuously iterates the technology configuration and continues the never-ceasing spirit of discovery.Bring the fun of exploration for people who love life.(Land Rover Official Press Release) The ’22 Land Rover Discovery Sport has carefully built the intelligent four “screens” interconnecting, which is composed of a 12.3-inch full LCD virtual dashboard, a 10.25-inch HD touch screen, the second-generation HD full-color head-up display system and the rearview mirror inside the HD ultra-wide-angle streaming media, presenting an entirely new high-tech visual experience.The new InControl OS 2.0 infotainment system provides a new interface and faster system response speed. 90% of common functions can be achieved in up to two steps. The intuitive interface design enables smooth operation experience comparable to that of mobile phones.The newly added SOTA software online upgrade system and a number of in-car APPS allow consumers to easily update online and enjoy localized content and ecology, including coolself music, Himalayan, stop simple and ETCP insensitive parking.In addition, the new InControl OS 2.0 infotainment system supports in-car Wi-Fi hotspots and Apple CarPlay®, Baidu CarLife in-car system, allowing users to enjoy the driving pleasure brought by technological upgrades.The ’22 Land Rover Discovery Sport comes with a range of ADAS intelligent driver assistance features.With 3 d effect of 360 ° full body image system, all-terrain “perspective” technology and wading induction, reversing a wide Angle detection with automatic brake function, the rear collision warning and a series of active safety configuration, rich in leading science and technology to help users in a timely and effective manner to various driving conditions and emergency, further improving car experience and driving safety.(Land Rover Official Press Release) While continuing the essence of versatile and practical family design, the 22-year-old Land Rover Discovery Sport edition further enhances the content of science and technology, creating a “home for discovering the world” for new middle class families, and helping people who love life and have the courage to discover to explore a wider world.