Japan lifts denial of entry restrictions on 106 countries

2022-05-08 0 By

Beijing, April 8 (CNS) — The Japanese government lifted restrictions on 106 countries including the United States, Britain and France from April 8, Kyodo news agency reported.Japan’s TBS news network reported that the decision was made based on COVID-19 infections and vaccination in the target countries.For 106 countries, including the United States, The United Kingdom and France, Japan will continue to maintain strict quarantine policies while lifting the legal ban on entry, and restrict visa issuance to study and business purposes.In addition, Japan continues to maintain “denial of entry” restrictions on 56 countries and regions, including Russia, Iraq and Ethiopia.Recently, the number of novel coronavirus infections in Japan has increased.Japan’s COVID-19 response minister Oshiro Yamaguchi on Tuesday stressed the need to push ahead with the third dose of COVID-19 vaccine for young people as soon as possible while responding flexibly to the changing virus.According to the Yomiuri Shimbun, 54,995 new cases were confirmed in Japan on Sunday, with iwate and Fukushima prefectures recording the highest daily number of new infections on record.In Japan, 69 people died in a single day and 494 were seriously ill, 14 fewer than the previous day.There were 8,753 new novel coronavirus cases in Tokyo on Monday, an increase of 527 from the previous day.Osaka Prefecture reported 4,673 new novel coronavirus infections on Friday, an increase of 939 new coronavirus cases in a single day compared to the previous day.(after)