Erqi district foreign language primary school students won the first prize of Zhengzhou education blog student writing contest

2022-05-08 0 By

Everything begins to grow zhongyuan webex (Zhao Wenyuan) Not spring – congratulations to erqi district six foreign language primary school class Sue heart yue (blog name: blessed are pleasing to the eye) students in zhengzhou city bureau of education group is the 15th zhengzhou education blog contest, student work won the young expo section first prize, named “pioneer”, August young star of expo has three major awards;Xie Wanzheng from Class 1, 5 won the third prize in the “2021 Zhengzhou 13th Online Writing Contest for Primary and Secondary School Students” with her work “Future Streets”.Ms. Zhang Fengqin was awarded “Excellent Tutor” in the 15th Zhengzhou Education Blog Contest organized by Zhengzhou Education Bureau.Stars don’t ask passers-by, time comes to him who waits.Erqi District Foreign Language Primary School teachers and students insist on writing blog, students practice and improve their writing ability, teachers carefully and patiently guidance, no pains, no gains, I believe that the future will be full of harvest, harvest and growth!Editor: Liu Liya