Embiid was the happiest and Durant was the most hurt of the five players who benefited the most from the trade

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The size of the transaction dust settled, there are changes in the team, rub their hands together, re-start.For some teams, the positive effects are obvious, such as the Wizards’ increased perimeter energy, the Mavericks’ loss of baggage, and the Celtics’ removal of two sweepers.There are also some teams, the effect of the trade has not emerged, for example, the Pelicans McCollum is not fully integrated into the Nets, the digital team’s respective express has signed, but, has not opened the box inspection goods.Outside of the team, many players were also affected by the trade.One set, two days after the trade, the five most affected players.With Beal sidelined and Dinwiddie transferred, the Wizards put neto in the starting lineup.Against the Nets, the 30-year-old guard had so much energy that Nash couldn’t do anything about him, turning the defense line upside down.In the final phase of the game, Neto is facing Irving’s defense, complete the shot.Neto was able to play so well, one thanks to dinwiddie’s slump this season, after the trade, Neto top.And thanks to the Nets’ paper-based perimeter defense, which crumbled to pieces with a quick drive from the 188-centimeter center.④ Thomas (nets) will not be the main, the second giant can only travel together, the third person trade away, rookie Thomas has become the nets guard, small forward of the first choice.With Owen out, partner Mills supports the back line.In his absence, he was pushed to small forward, with all three guards on the floor and Thomas still starting.Playing time is guaranteed and the young man is thriving, but he still has a lot to learn as a rookie, such as defense.If simmons gets here and plays his old defense, Thomas needs to learn, or the Nets will be a sieve again.With the departure of Doncic, the Mavericks management breathed a sigh of relief, and finally got rid of the big contract.Coincidentally, after the trade, Doncic super eruption, full display of personal ability.I don’t know if I’m happy, or if I happen to be hot, but the 077 has unlimited fire control again.When Jason Kidd took over as mavericks coach at the start of the season, two of his plans — to get his team to shoot more from the field and to get Pozen involved offensively — were shot in the face.The current Mavericks, 077, are a ball-handling center, and having the ball is the only way to help Doncic win the MVP trophy.Jaylen Brown was supposed to benefit the most from the celtics’ trade, but his first game wasn’t as good as he should have been. Rex, on the other hand, played consistently and became the biggest beneficiary.At the start of the season, the Celtics were plagued by discord and trade rumors surrounding Brown.After the trade began, to get rid of the two tumors, let the team of two masters, safe and content, and the exchange of White plug and play, such as a comprehensive series of cure-all, have to admire: Stevens really has two skills.Simmons is gone, and embiid is the happiest.After the victory over thunder, he could not hide his joy and directly said that he did not like Sidi’s remarks.I can’t keep my mouth shut. I’m off again.Durant, by contrast, was stone-faced as he and James picked their All-Star team, presumably with 10,000 monsters in his mind.In theory, Harden will be able to deliver the best ball to the Embs with his great playmaking skills and be a 1+1.The effect of 2 is quite desirable.However, a lot of big-name reporters, citing Harden’s history, look down on the number man.This strange phenomenon is hard to fathom. Is Richie Paul taking it out on Simmons?It seems that Harden addadi’s combination, to convince people, but also to speak with results.Of course, so did Simmons, on the other side of the trade.