“Disillusionment with the West” finally set in, and Zelensky said plainly that America was done

2022-05-08 0 By

It is well known that Ukraine pursues towards western foreign policy in recent years, has sought to join the us-led military alliance, even will join the NATO alliance as a strategic goal to write into the constitution, but it is worth noting that as the conflict between Russia and Ukraine continued, there are signs that the Ukrainian President jersey even, may finally be disappointed at the west.One sign is that Mr Zelensky is less keen on NATO membership.It is reported that after three months, Zelensky made a special statement on the issue of “Ukraine joining NATO” one after another.Ukraine’s Interfax news agency reported on March 8 that Zelensky said in an interview with US media that he had lost interest in joining NATO after realizing that the alliance was not ready to accept Ukraine.Later, Zelensky admitted in an online conference on The 15th that Ukraine could not join NATO.Recently, Zelensky made it clear that Russia is ready to discuss the issue by directly calling on “Ukraine to give up joining NATO” as a condition for a ceasefire.Zelensky said in an interview Monday that he is ready to discuss a promise that Ukraine will not seek NATO membership in return for a ceasefire, the withdrawal of Russian troops and security guarantees for Ukraine, CCTV reported.The second sign is that Mr Zelensky has begun to criticise and dig at NATO.On March 20, Zelensky said in an interview that Russia would not have taken military action against Ukraine if Ukraine had been able to join NATO earlier, US media reported.He also complained that NATO publicly declared that the door was open for Ukraine to join the alliance, but privately rejected Ukraine’s request to join.Soon after accusing NATO of “duplicity,” Zelensky took a dig at the alliance for not supplying Ukraine with warplanes.Zelensky was invited to deliver a video speech at the NATO summit Thursday, Chinanews.com reported, citing foreign media.Zelensky reportedly said that so far Ukraine had not received a single warplane.”You have thousands of fighter jets and we haven’t got one yet,” he said.And after Ukraine showed its frustration with the West, Russia softened its tone toward Ukraine, leaving the United States out of the running.According to CCTV news, on March 25, local time, The Head of the Russian delegation to the Russia-Ukraine negotiations, Mezinsky said that Ukraine’s main concern is not to join NATO, by a third country to ensure security issues, this is an understandable position.