Because of a photo popular, 20 years old “China Ping first beauty”, high appearance level but why not known?

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Fang Bo, a table tennis player, became famous during a live broadcast before the 2016 Rio Olympics. One question was “Are there no good-looking women playing table tennis?”Fang Bo said with a smile: It seems not much.In fact, in the National Women’s Table Tennis team, everyone put their heart and soul into the training, not much in other aspects of the mind, can have such excellent results!Everyone in the game is sparkling, steady dream, lovely Sasha, valiant Man Yu, tough Da Di, unyielding with…The beauty of women is not only the appearance, but also the beauty of struggle and strength from the inside out.In the WTT Macau Championship, there was a Chinese female table tennis player who caught everyone’s attention, and the official even sent her photo at the end of the tournament, that is wang Tianyi, the beautiful Chinese table tennis player.Wang Tianyi was born in 2002. She is a member of shandong Luneng Table Tennis Team. She was the runner-up of women’s singles in 2016 National Table Tennis Championships (U15 Group) and National Junior Table Tennis Championships.At the WTT Macau Championships, she competed in mixed doubles with Lin Shidong, who was born in 2005 and is a good player in the new generation of men’s team. She also performed well in the men’s singles and was nicknamed “Little Fatty”.In the first round of mixed doubles, they met the world no.1 Chen Meng and Liang Jingkun’s mixed doubles, suffered a round of swimming, Wang Tianyi’s performance caused controversy, relative to Lin Shidong younger than her age, her strength and mistakes in the field really need to improve, hope to experience the competition, can let her have more progress.Wang Tian Yi is known as the “Country Ping first beauty”, appearance level is very high, tall, slim, face, big eyes, high nose, black hair, skin white beauty, appearance is really superior, comparable to the star.In the table Tennis super competition in 2021, the camera pushed the camera crazy to this sister, can resist the hd lens, I have to say it is really beautiful.Beautiful is beautiful, but strength is really need to improve.In the ping women Chen Meng, Sun Yingsha, Wang Man yu “troika” basic have determined that the strength of the three of us now is a few rivals, Chen Xing dowa Wang Yidi also followed closely behind, the new generation of KuaiMan sister also strong, beauty Qian Tianyi performance is also quite good, the ping girls have to say is really competitive!In competitive sports, high appearance level is the icing on the cake, if there is no strong strength, after all, can not stand at the top, may be seen by people in a certain period of time, but will not be remembered for a long time, performance is the fundamental competitive sports athletes are like, Wang Tianyi sister still need to work hard!