4-3!The Chinese women’s football team staged a victory over Japan to win the title

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After the game ended, the author really did not sleep all night, and wanted to write an article to report it, but found that words could not describe the essence of the game. The game was not won by strength, not won by favorable conditions, but by spirit and fighting spirit. Only you never give up luck will favor you.This is a typical classic battle of the weak to win the strong, The Japanese women’s football team to occupy the strength of the advantage must be admitted, but this match The Japanese women’s football team also made a big mistake, from their starting lineup can be seen, they really underestimate the Chinese women’s football team.Their famous striker Tian Zhongnan and chief archer Suga Ze Uyi Xiang did not appear, and the beginning of the recovery of the rock 渕 true nai is into the first.Although the mood is difficult to calm down, the author also want to calmly write a more professional analysis of the article, say their own point of view.The game won the biggest hero is shuiqingxia guidance, of course, the author before for shuiqingxia guidance ability is also questioned, all recovered, the author from the bottom of my heart, oral plus admire.This game, Shui Qingxia guidance boldly change array, Wang Shuang, Li Jiayue, Li Mengwen did not appear, Yang Lina, Zhang Rui, Gao Chen are also substitutes.Wang Shuang, the current news is sprained ankle, but Wang Shuang entered the substitute list, and participated in the pre-match warm-up, indicating that the foot is not a problem.A number of major players did not start the game, this is why?Because the Japanese women’s football team will be at a disadvantage, So Shui Qingxia asked for players who can cooperate with the whole court in defense, that is, to play a whole defense, so the players are selected with excellent defense ability.The author thinks, also according to the actual situation calculation, Wang Shuang attack ability is outstanding, but never defend, therefore is hidden.But Shui Qingxia is very smart, in order to calm the public opinion, she still released wang Shuang sprained foot news to appease the fans.A 30 percent possession rate for the whole match is not suitable for Wang Shuang, wang Shuang is good at playing dominant games, or close games, which are dominated by opponents, and her defensive shortcomings can be deadly.Similarly, Although Li Jiayue is a full-time centre-back, her slow turn and prediction ability is not very strong. Although she is an excellent centre-back, she is not suitable for fighting against Japanese women’s football team with good passing skills.Li Mengwen is also so, against the Japanese women’s football team, her side assist ability has no way to play, behind the gap will certainly be used by opponents.Therefore, Shui Qingxia guidance bold change array, let Wang Shanshan instead of Li Jiayue, let Lou Jiahui replace Li Mengwen, Lou Jiahui was injured after Gao Chen, rather than Li Mengwen.Shui Qingxia’s tactical thinking is too clear.Wu Chengshu, who scored the first goal, was selected to the national team for the first time, and her first start was in such a tough match. She withstood the pressure and scored the first goal to equalize. Wu Chengshu is a striker of Jiangsu Women’s football Team, and his best skill is to solve problems with a steal in front of the goal.Against The Japanese women’s football team, the opportunity is certainly the thing in front of the door, there will not be any single knife ah absolute opportunity, so grab the point type striker is the most reasonable, against the weak team that steady goal is really not Wu Chengshu good at.Although Wang Shanshan who scored the second goal is the first scorer of The Chinese women’s football team, wang Shanshan is still the player with the most total goals in the team, but she played the central defender in the Women’s football team of Wuhan River University, and the guidance of Shui Qingxia in the National Games also let her play the central defender.When Ejorsson coached the Chinese women’s team, she also played deep midfield.Shui Qingxia let Wang Shanshan as a central defender is simply a stroke of genius.Without Wang shanshan’s excellent performance on the defensive line, the game might have been won or lost in the first half.Ok, now let’s have a look at the starting players and substitute players of The Chinese women’s football team. By the way, we also send the starting list of the Japanese women’s football team to you:1- Zhu Yu, 3- Wang Xiaoxue, 5- Ma Jun (Zhang Rui), 6- Zhang Xin, 8- Yao Wei, 11- Wang Shanshan, 14- Lou Jiahui (Gao Chen), 15- Wu Chengshu (Wang Yanwen), 16- Yao Lingwei (Yang Lina), 18- Tang Jiali, 19- Zhang Linyan (Xiao Yuyi)Pear yarn, 3-2 – water in the south of China, 4 – bear valley yarn, 10 – rock 渕 really nai, 12 -, 14 by loose 瑠 China – hasegawa, 15 to nagano wind flowers, only 16 – Lin Suizhi incense, 18 – does the mountain apricot, 19-23 – miyazawa wood grain, hinata main more than Japanese women’s football is not required, the Chinese women’s team is against opponents situation has carried on the corresponding adjustment,And the Japanese women’s soccer team, they are typical of NODIE!This bold change was a perfect illustration of Shui qingxia’s directing art, using only the right players and the most targeted tactics.The previous three games, the Chinese women’s team has been using the cream is king as the core of 4231 attack formation, this game is adopted after the traditional waist 442 for the axis, and the match, ShuiQingXia asked the players of the Chinese women’s football players must be full closing down, lost the ball striker will immediately grab defense, the second after the ball was lost the ball on the grab the opportunity,Wang Shanshan fell down shovel shot into the net.This game’s starting line-up changed five players, equivalent to changing half a team, this is the courage of Shui Qingxia, this is shui Qingxia guidance against different opponents, the use of different players of the most advanced tactical ideas.As long as the fighting spirit of Chinese women’s football is in, everyone is a strong team, there will be players stand up, this game is Wang Shanshan became the savior.As a defender, she did an excellent job of freezing the Japanese women’s forwards, getting on the ball in time to equalise and hitting the crucial penalty kick.Let us have a look at the data, the data can be very intuitive to reflect the match how hard the Chinese women’s football team played.Possession rate: 33 percent for China and 67 percent for Japan, so attacking players in this situation are meaningless.Shooting: China women’s soccer 7 times, Japan women’s soccer 22 times, China women’s soccer defense is very successful, let the Japanese women’s soccer shots are more hasty.Shooting on target: China women’s football team 2 times, Japan women’s football team 6 times, 100 percent success rate!Wu Chengshu and Wang Shanshan are proficient in the front of the grab, which is the most effective means of scoring in a passive situation, because it is impossible to organize a smooth attack, are fleeting opportunities in front of the door.Success rate of passing: 65% of Chinese women’s football team, 81% of Japanese women’s football team, the passing control technology of Japanese women’s football team is still first-class.It’s hard to imagine what would have happened if Wang shanshan hadn’t switched to middle guard.Corner kick: China women’s football team 2 times, Japan women’s football team 9 times, indicating that the football in the Chinese women’s football team half of the time more, Japan women’s football team or occupy the initiative.The Japanese women’s football team dominated, but the Chinese women’s football team won. This is the Battle of Nagatsu Lake on the football field!Final was held in February 6 in the evening at seven o ‘clock, against the south Korean women’s football, women’s 50-50 the strength of the Chinese women’s team and South Korea, therefore ShuiQingXia guidance will replace another set of the squad for the game, the king of this kind of circumstance is more suitable for frost power play, she will be sure to return to the main and become the core of the team, vian will also return to strike, vian if again scored two goals,I’d be the top scorer of the tournament.The Korean women’s football team’s short board is weak, their biggest advantage is to have a Chi Xiaoran.Although The Chinese women’s soccer team is even with the Korean women’s soccer team in terms of strength, the possibility of winning the championship reaches 70%, because the fighting spirit will still dominate the competition.