The Uncool Killer won!Three points suggest it will be a “dark horse” during the Spring Festival.

2022-05-07 0 By

A total of eight films will be screened during the Spring Festival, including Watergate Bridge, Boonie Bears: Return to Earth, Wonder, Stupid Kids, Four Seas, Sniper, Yy and The Basket of Big Big Wolf, Heroes of Little Tiger Den and today’s The Killer Is Not Too Cool.At present, the Spring Festival has been released for three days, from the data of these days, as well as online comments and other comprehensive, “The Professional” won, will be the dark horse of the Spring Festival.The first thing that makes “The Killer” win at the starting point is the theme of comedy, because of the eight films released during the Spring Festival, it is the only comedy, the other is not war, is animation and so on.In the Spring Festival, people are inclined to comedy psychologically.And choose comedy, more suitable for a family to see, young and old.In addition, in recent years, Mahua funage and Ma Li’s movies are still good, we have higher psychological expectations, so in many choices, the first choice “The Killer is not too calm” is also should.02 actor’s choice let it win in the second step all know “the killer is not too calm” is played by Ma Li, Wei Xiang, Wei Xiang may be strange to some people, but Ma Li is different, have a little understanding of comedy, who don’t know Ma Li?In particular, she also appeared on the Spring Festival Gala for many times and achieved good results.Just mentioned, the existence of Ma Li, and happy mahua “escort” has let everyone have higher psychological expectations.This is everybody likes the star to play, the subject matter is good, so let it win in the second step.The choice of name let it win the third step “The Professional” the name, for young people, can be said to be particularly familiar, because there is a movie called “The Professional”.Leon is released in France on September 14, 1994. It mainly tells the story of a professional killer · Leon who accidentally rescued a rebellious girl · Matilda whose family was killed. The two people have feelings for each other.It is the “emotional model” of uncle and little girl, plus a certain heroic color, so it is loved by everyone.And “The Professional” no matter what the reason, let it choose the name, will let have seen “The Professional” audience, some association, thus generating a certain degree of heat.In fact, before the release, more people are optimistic about other war films, drama films, but did not expect that after the release, “The Killer is not too Calm” directly rushed to the Second Spring Festival.Especially in terms of statistics, “The Professional” ranked second, with 21.8 percent.Correspondingly, it also accounted for the second highest occupancy rate, at 31.0%.Completely matched, did not waste to its arrangement of screen time, I believe with “The Killer is not too calm” to become a real dark horse, only a matter of time.As I have seen this film, I recommend you to have a look, is a relatively good choice.
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