Second Uncle/Wang Yanping

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A few years ago, when Master Huang was alive, he was treated as an ingratitude dog. The two mu of land on the slope of the mountain was given to him by Master Huang. He was a lazy man who did not know how to farm, and hunted rabbits in the mountains every day to organize idle villagers to gamble.Now picked up the village head of Huangjia village, betrayed huangjia, Huangchangzheng, Huangzhengliang, huangmao cover squatted in the ditch, this boy was just taught by Huang Erye, and want to come again, Huang Changzheng one foot up two apricot step down, “you a dog, you also report Huang Erye, you starve to death when who you eat.”Huang Zhengliang stepped on two feet, “you still when the village head, you these soldier baby when the village head.”Yellow hair cover went up to repair two feet, “you see you this village chief when into.”Two apricot was beaten up and limped back, Huang Zhengliang they yell 1, voices echoed in the valley, the two apricot frighten ran, her pain, returned home, he removed a kerosene lamp on the ear door, turned up in the cupboard pain killer of oil, the oil is he tried on animals, under the special work, he called to mirror again pain again, suddenly laughed, not clean,Get on the kang and go to sleep. Tomorrow he will expose Huang Changzheng and they have guns. Let’s see how long they can be arrogant.As Madran squatted at the gate of the school, the soldier pointed his gun at him and asked, “Who is the village head?”Let him lead the way.He took the people in the yamen to Xu Justice home, the soldiers were searched in front and back, also did not find what food, feel Ma Ran cheated them, the soldiers shot at the back, scared Ma Ran urine pants.The leading soldier said, “He is the village head. Why does he have so little food?”Madran said, “You didn’t ask for grain.””Nonsense, we don’t want grain we do what, how many years you haven’t handed in grain to the court.””The court?Madran had no idea where the court was.”Be that year empress dowager, you hurriedly take me to, otherwise shoot you.””Go to his son’s house, Xu Biao, Xu Biao has.”Xu Biao squatted at the gate of the yard smoking, saw them come in, back to Ma Siyan and cuckoo said “don’t panic, nothing.”Xu Biao know this day is coming, he also don’t want to resist, he put his son away, the food points, the ground to the father-in-law, but also care about what.Ma Siyan pointed to the grain they had taken away and said, “You don’t care?””Zha tube, somebody else is yamen, is to tube us.””Then you had to take care of this piece.””You two ball goods, I was a bandit.”Maderan so muddled into xu village head.The day is slightly bright, two apricot up, go to the yamen to Return the situation of Li Yuanhong.Li Yuanhong after listen to big yue: “they really have a gun?””True enough.”Li Yuanhong big hand a wave: “copy guy, follow me.”He threw the troops to surround the village of the Self-Defense Forces, a to search, Huang Changzheng at home has not responded to what happened, the yamen has come in the gun frame on his head, next to the two apricot smile to say: “you are not last night very can, I see you can to what time.”Huang Changzheng spit two apricot one face, say: “you see I non pick your skin can not.”Li Yuanhong see here also laugh, this is the effect he wants, let them bite up first, Huang Zhengliang, huang MAO cover they have also been brought.In the yamen, Li Yuanhong Li adults began to interrogate them, “where is the gun?”A few of them are silent, Li Yuanhong hit each 20 big board, buttocks are taking flower, or do not say.Two xing said: I know where?”Where is it?”Behind the shrine.”Li Yuanhong looked behind and said: “I have been here these days, I did not see.”Two apricot climbed up the pillar and took it down on top.Li adult also simply did not want to ask them, said: “Er Xing, no, Huang Village chief, how did these guns come from?”Two apricot then hesitatingly, said they hunt their own, they can testify, he did not dare to put the yellow and white leopard out, he was afraid of yellow and white leopard back to pick him up.Huang Zhengliang in court after trial, was put in prison, Master Huang heard, to find Li adults, was stopped by the doctor lu.Wang Yanping: writer and poet, known as a “reptile” who walks with thought.He is a writer of Shaanxi Writers Association. His representative works include Mud and Lonely Soul.