Red River “iron man” “hot” Spring Festival

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In Spring Festival means joy and reunite together a group of people is “buck the trend line” others busy busy holiday they feast to give up one’s own work position and family reunions with actions in the responsibility and mission today, let us together to see the story of the iron mill workers first lunar month, in the morning, kun steel honghe mills was busy scene.Reporters came to the ironmaking plant, I saw the blast furnace foreman Zhang Bo has entered a tense working state.Zhang Bo at work “Is the equipment running normally?Is there anything special you should pay attention to?”Zhang Bo made a serious handover with his colleagues in the last class, and started his work on the first day of the New Year. This is the fourth Spring Festival that he has been committed to the post.Zhang Bo, 26, is an excellent blast furnace foreman at the ironmaking plant. His daily task is to ensure the safe, efficient and high-quality output of every batch of molten iron.Zhang Bo told reporters that after arriving at the post in the morning, they should quickly understand the operation of the blast furnace in the past 24 hours, including parameters such as hot blast furnace, raw material, water slag and material, so as to have a good idea, to ensure that after the shift, the team members can quickly enter the operation state.”This batch of molten iron is ready and ready to be changed.”Watching the thermal imaging screen and the trend chart of operating parameters, Zhang bo answered and made phone calls.”Our work is like this, the more holidays, the heavier the job responsibilities, we must do our own work, pay close attention to the whole ironmaking process, to ensure the smooth operation of the blast furnace.”Zhang Bo’s tone was firm.”In the production process, in addition to paying close attention to the parameters to ensure the stability of the furnace, we also need to do a good job in each iron out of the temperature measurement, sampling and inspection, tracking the test results in time to ensure the quality of hot iron.”At the hearth of the blast furnace, the red molten iron reflected Zhang Bo’s face and the red Spring Festival production. He skillfully took out a tool to sample molten iron. After pouring a spoonful of molten iron into the sampler for one or two minutes, the inverted iron gradually turned dark red.”Here’s another good batch of iron!Zhang bo said proudly.Adenocarcinoma view inside honghe steel blast furnace emergency management department jin-wei bai tells a reporter, in order to ensure the holiday equipment stability, production along the line, steel mills festival production of a careful deployment, according to the spot inspection arranged for equipment maintenance, repair cycle, for getting rid of all production equipment for the rebuilt festival required spare parts, materials, laid a solid foundation for safety production.Zhang Bo examines the quality of molten iron. “Last year, Hongsteel produced 1.7626 million tons of materials, which were mainly sold to construction sites in Yunnan Province.During the Spring Festival, we continue to maintain a full capacity to organize safe production and strive for a good start.”Shu Yunsheng, deputy minister of honghe Iron and steel production and operation Department, said that to keep this good momentum, on the basis of creating a high level of festival production, to achieve higher goals for the whole month and the whole year.Thanks to you who stick to your post for escorting production safety.