Princess Wencheng Temple with a history of more than 1,300 years in Yushu

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On the morning of July 20, 2021, Qianshan and Wanshui came out of Changu Temple and came to the gate entrance of princess Wencheng Temple next to Benagou.Next to the hillside written in white: Yushu Thousand tang Tibetan road.I didn’t use my phone to take pictures because the camera Angle was not right.The colorful picture on the pillar of the gate reproduces the scene when Princess Wencheng led craftsmen to carve Buddha statues on the rock wall of Bena Ditch.Over 1300 years ago, princess wencheng temple, also known as the big Buddha, temple, princess wencheng as women in the tang dynasty emperor taizong imperial clan 15 years from 641, wedded to the tubo sontzen gampo, princess wencheng were ordered from changan, trekked through untold hardships, ups and downs, via xining, riyue mountain, arrived in the Tibetan plateau,Legend tubo sontzen gampo in just to greet the arrival of princess wencheng, then turned magnificent balyanlkalla mountain together, through rolling moat tongtian river, came into the borders of the yushu boehner ditch, by the local Tibetan leader and Tibetan hospitality, princess wencheng also deeply touched, and then stay in boehner ditch temporarily down,Advanced textile technology and teaching local tibetans learn central plains farming techniques, and princess wencheng can think through hardships and all kinds of hardships can arrive here, also obtained the gods help, then from buddhist princess wencheng, personally led the artisans, on boehner groove cliffs carved nine huge relief Buddha,A total of about 7.3 meters high Lord Buddha is the tathagata, wearing the crown, in the tang dynasty costumes, look lifelike, dignified and kind, was known as the big Buddha, temple, but there is not even princess wencheng, the Tibetan compatriots bring gratitude princess wencheng of all this, also in honor of princess wencheng, gradually became a princess wencheng temple,People later in boehner groove cliff stone, engraved with the scriptures, Buddha, who is said to be faithful to the boehner ditch to stone pot, cooking, are difficult to find not been carving scriptures, Buddha, stone, more and more faithful to the cult of boehner ditch, become a buddhist shrine in yushu, incense, incense enduring!The butter lamp in princess Wencheng temple has also gone through thousands of years!Princess Wencheng Temple is also a symbol of unity between Tibet and Han!Princess Wencheng Temple is also an important historical relic on the Thousand-year ancient road of The Tang Dynasty, which witnessed this important historical fact!Benagou road paved road, from the gate of wencheng Princess Temple to wencheng Princess Temple less than 2 kilometers.Princess Wencheng Temple from the outside of the courtyard is small, with an area of more than 600 square meters, the temple has both tang Dynasty art style and Tibetan flat-roofed architecture characteristics of ancient architecture.Princess Wencheng Temple in 20210 April 14 earthquake was not damaged, when the Temple was destroyed by the earthquake rescued precious cultural relics are deposited in princess Wencheng Temple.People who are ready to burn incense wait in line inside the gate of Princess Wencheng Temple. People who burn incense take off their shoes at the gate and go in to pay homage to the statue of Princess Wencheng.Rows of butter lamps are kept alive all the year round.Princess Wencheng like Yushu Millennium Tang Fan road, princess Wencheng temple near to adapt to the current trend, set up a network red card point again look at the Ancient Temple of Zen, then look at princess Wencheng Temple Bena ditch, and then look at the hillside written yushu millennium Tang Fan road!