Overseas Chinese snow and ice Museum condenses children’s deep feeling

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In Chongli District, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, the Overseas Chinese Snow and Ice Museum is built on the hillside. The undulating mountain-shaped buildings blend with the gentle hillside, and the string-like building facade echoes the woods near the pavilion, forming a unique landscape of harmonious integration of modern architecture and nature.From the collection initiative initiated by the Chinese Federation of Overseas Chinese in 2019 to the official opening of the museum in early 2022, overseas Chinese around the world have extensively participated in the preparation work of the Overseas Chinese Snow and Ice Museum.Walking into the Overseas Chinese Snow and Ice Museum, a dazzling collection of winter Olympic-themed exhibits silently tell the story of overseas Chinese around the world and the Winter Olympics and their keen attention to the Beijing Winter Olympics.The manuscript written by Pierre de Coubertin, the father of the modern Olympics in 1929, on the official stationery of the International Olympic Committee’s five rings, the torch of the 1952 Oslo Winter Olympics, tickets, clothing, certificates and stamps of the previous Winter Olympics…At the Overseas Chinese Snow and Ice Museum, you can not only review the history and development of the world snow and ice sports, but also learn about the bidding, preparation and hosting process of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games through exhibits.With the Beijing Winter Olympics underway, the Overseas Chinese Snow and ice Museum has been launched recently.The museum consists of four functional halls, namely the Hall of Order, the Hall of History of Ice and Snow Sports, the Hall of History of Winter Olympics and the Hall of Beijing Winter Olympics, as well as an ice and snow sports experience area, providing visitors with a comprehensive display of objects, pictures and video materials related to the winter Olympics theme.With a total investment of about 300 million yuan, the main building area is 24,035 square meters, including 6861 square meters for the museum and 5414 square meters for the library.The surrounding celebration square with 38,606 square meters of supporting construction area will be connected with the surrounding ski resort by ropeway.The Overseas Chinese Snow and Ice Museum is the first museum with the theme of snow and ice and the Winter Olympics in China. It is also the largest museum with the most extensive exhibits.The modern beautiful snow and ice museum embodies the devotion of overseas Chinese all over the world.”Donating to build an overseas Chinese snow and ice Museum is a major move by the overseas Chinese community to take concrete action to support the Beijing Winter Olympics.”Cheng Xueyuan, vice chairman of THE All-China Federation of Overseas Chinese, said in an interview with the reporter of our newspaper, “in 2019, the All-China Federation of Overseas Chinese issued a proposal of ‘donation for the construction of the Overseas Chinese Snow and Ice Museum’ and soliciting related exhibition and collection activities to overseas Chinese all over the world. Overseas Chinese, returned overseas Chinese and their relatives, overseas Chinese businesses and overseas Chinese enterprises and overseas Chinese associations at all levels actively responded and participated in the proposal.A total of 160 million yuan has been donated, and more than 6,000 pieces of collections have been collected at home and abroad, fully demonstrating the deep feelings of the majority of overseas Chinese who care about mulberry and love their country and their contributions to national affairs.”Run to collect all over to find high-quality goods rich exhibits hard-won.In order to raise the exhibition of the Winter Olympics-related theme, overseas Chinese from all over the world have donated money and worked hard to find many fine collections.The German Association for the Promotion of Chinese Culture actively responded to the call to collect more than 5,000 pieces of stamps, photo albums, tickets, press cards, clothing, commemorative coins, commemorative albums and other items related to the previous Winter Olympics, making it the most donated overseas Chinese organization.Wang Zhiwen, executive president of The German Association for the Promotion of Chinese Culture, recalled in an interview with our reporter: “Among the collections we donated was a commemorative atlas of the 1928 Second Winter Olympic Games, which was collected by Liu Daquan, president of the German Association for the Promotion of Chinese Culture.As a veteran overseas Chinese living abroad for many years, he has been collecting all kinds of Olympics-related collections for many years.This snow and ice museum collection, he sorted out nearly a thousand previous winter Olympics stamps, with a magnifying glass, one by one to carefully examine, according to the year classification, book.We were moved and encouraged by Chairman Liu’s enthusiasm and patience.Visit thrift markets, second-hand bookstores, museums…It is because of the hard work of many Koreans in Korea that thousands of collections have been collected.””At the end of 2020, I learned that the Chinese Federation of Overseas Chinese people was collecting snow and ice museum collections, so I wanted to participate in this activity.”Zhang Zhigang, founder and editor-in-chief of Canadian Health Times, told the reporter that Canada hosted the 1988 Calgary and 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. He immediately decided to visit Calgary and Vancouver to collect collections related to the Winter Olympics.Visiting two cities, he found that collecting was not so simple: many of the souvenirs had disappeared so long after the 1988 Winter Olympics;It is difficult to contact the collectors of MEDALS and other valuable items, but the collectors are not willing to sell…In the end, Zhang mobilized the efforts of overseas Chinese through local overseas Chinese groups, Chinese media and social media, and collected 15 pieces of athletes’ clothing, mascots, related books and audio and video products, all of which were donated to the Snow and Ice Museum as scheduled.”On New Year’s Eve this year, I received a collection certificate from the Museum of Ice and Snow. What a unique New Year gift!”He said.During the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Overseas Chinese Snow and Ice Museum became a venue for spectators to watch games and hold celebrations.After the Winter Olympics, it will become an activity center for citizens’ cultural and leisure life.Cheng xueyuan said that the Overseas Chinese Snow and Ice Museum is a beautiful scenery of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the museum will continue to play an important role in the future.First, museums should further play a positive role in serving the national strategy of national health, promoting the coordinated development of mass sports, competitive sports and sports industry, and promoting the development of world ice and snow sports.Second, we should give full play to the role of overseas Chinese museums, including the Overseas Chinese Snow and Ice Museum, in preserving history and educating people, and tell the story of overseas Chinese and the Olympics well.Third, further enrich the form of exhibition, strengthen exchanges with relevant domestic museums and international counterparts, give full play to its unique advantages, and help build a sports power.”My participation in the construction of the ice and snow Museum has brought overseas Chinese closer to their ancestral country.The collection we donated is displayed in the Snow and Ice Museum, which is like an emotional bond and makes us care more in China.As Overseas Koreans, it has always been our wish to do more for our motherland.Snow and ice museum collection, let us have the mood of the expression of the window, let us on the Beijing Winter Olympics aspirations have a solid sustenance.”Zhang said.”We want to see the Museum of Ice and Snow more than you can imagine!”Wang zhiwen said that the successful hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games is a common honor for overseas Chinese all over the world.It is the common wish of all members of the German Association for the Promotion of Chinese Culture to do something to contribute to the cause of the Winter Olympics.”With the snow and Ice Museum, the memories of the Beijing Winter Olympics are at home.Whenever we visit the Snow and Ice Museum in the future and see these exhibits, it will be like returning to the exciting venue of the Beijing Winter Olympics to witness the development of previous Winter Olympics.I think this is also a testament to the fact that overseas Chinese around the world are joining hands with their ancestors to ‘look forward to the future’.”He said.(Journalist Gaucho)