Make Allies with Luo Yonghao, challenge The Three Kingdoms, the nations and the rate of soil, “Return to the Empire” live strategy really cattle

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Before in the promotional film to see Luo Yonghao to “Return to the Empire” to do the publicity, always mind the big picture Lao Luo, with a smile on the face of the heroes invited to “make an ally”, has always thought it is just a strategy game.However, until “return to the Empire” really close after the discovery, Lao Luo is really reliable, said that live strategy is really cattle, absolute seconds to kill The Three Kingdoms strategy version, the awakening of all nations and the land of these same type of games.As “strategic overall officer” Luo in maintaining the overall view and conservatism at the same time to the game live strategy for personal interpretation.The game in the 3D engine simulation technology with the help of the map first “alive”.Mountains and rivers, grasslands and snow, are “alive”, can obstruct your march, can also become your partner.The forest is also “alive”, as long as you enter the jungle, it will “devour” your party, hidden, is absolutely not found outside the forest.These “alive” landforms not only transform the map from a flat plane to a three-dimensional one, but also endow these environmental elements with soul and life.This is the real world.And underneath this living terrain.Lao Luo also straight to the player to explain what is called “squat grass play”, what is less win more.At the game’s launch event, Luo explained the essence of Return to the Empire with a humorous video.Power is not absolute, strategy is the king of this game.And the addition of various living elements, let these strategies have unexpected results.The art of war goes like this: “water is impermanent and shape is impermanent.” Change is eternal, while constancy is relative. This is the living strategy.”Return to the Empire” is about to open on March 29, the full platform of undeleted files test, come to “Return to the Empire” world, and Luo Yonghao make an ally, feel the charm of living strategy together.