Less data, more feelings: try RX6 after the long test

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The conclusion is that the RX6 is a fun sport utility vehicle that fits its flagship positioning.At the same time, it is also a continuous improvement of domestic large displacement.When choosing a car, car owners often look at pictures and parameters first to determine whether a car fits their eyes. The proportion of people who really choose a car through test driving is not large.Last year, Xiaobian began to touch ON RX6, whose modeling and design language Outlines the mechanical power through rich layers and lines.While the RX6 isn’t the most aggressive and provocative of the 650 class suVs currently on the market, it doesn’t lose any significant points.Face has, the intrinsic thing nature also must keep up with ability line.At 52 kilowatts, it’s good enough to play in a world where rivals are languish by environmental regulations, but at 229 kg, it’s significantly heavier than Japanese rivals such as the Kawasaki Versys 650.Still, look down at your belly and feel a sudden sense of shame. Go easy on it. With endorsements from top names like NORTON and Ricardo, at least it’s got a good foundation.In April 2021, engineers from Zongshen Saikelon rode a prototype of RX6 during the new product launch.At the time, the RX6 had not yet been finalized, and the body shell even had parts that still bore the distinctive texture of 3D printing.After ignition, the engine running noise is also typical of European cars. The only good impression left by the small editor is the acceleration force and dynamic stability of the body felt during the test drive.In contrast to the “polite” nature of a typical Japanese engine, the initial buzz from the NORTON 650 seems to be urging you to give more, preferring to run until it feels comfortable.The weight of the car will not bring any burden to running, and the stability of the frame will make you feel confident to continue to push the throttle. At this moment, you glance at the speedometer, mew has broken 100…To be honest, if the RX6 had been released in the same state as it was when it was first released last spring, I think it would have been a hit with car fans who prefer personality, but most of us who prefer a more peaceful style and a typical Japanese tone would probably have reservations about it.After all, in its current state, the RX6 had a strong personality in terms of motivation, but lacked subtlety in other areas.Fortunately, Seckelon did not rush it to market, but continued to polishing the completion of each part of RX6, while pulling up the “Big Country Scenery” team to Inner Mongolia, Xizang, Xinjiang and start a long distance road test (we sent shrimp students to participate in kashgar to Yili section).The next time I saw RX6 was at the media test drive of Zongshen Secron in February this year.Although it looks like the color and appearance have not changed, but when I walked through the word spread out more than 20 test cars, came to the RX6 handlebars on the side of the straddle car, the RX6 has not been seen for half a year with a new state of subversion in the small editor’s mind has been formed impression.Yes, disruption, so strong.This feeling is like your high school classmate who is not in the forefront of the appearance. When we meet again in the university, although we are vaguely familiar with each other, we have already stood tall and graceful, even standing beside the school flower.The RX6 has made remarkable progress in process and assembly, with clear and shiny paint surface and tight joints of plates. The RX6 is finally worthy of the positioning of flagship models of domestic big factories, and stands up to the level of facing international competitors in the first sight.The sudden impression of change, just like the ugly duckling you pay attention to in the variety show grow step by step, let xiaobian surging up to seriously experience the idea again.The RX6 was so popular that it was only during the lunch break that I found the chance to ride it again.The RX6 at this time have been “scenery of the great powers” tens of thousands of kilometers road test and adjustment, the process of ignition engine running noise after compared with before a big difference, as the throttle opening speed up instead of “howls” sound (similar to V V – storm 1050 suzuki of duplex sound engine operation, but slightly different tones).Gear start, increase the speed, the last test drive to feel the engine’s temper now seems to be covered up, leaving fuel only with 270° twin-cylinder strong rhythm smooth output forward thrust;When the engine speed reaches 4000-7000rpm, the low and flat exhaust sound is like a squad machine gun firing continuously at a higher rate of fire, and the thrust is transformed into a pull feeling, which is also the part of RX6 acceleration that makes people most addicted to the sound and acceleration feeling.It was only at 7,000 RPM that the NORTON 650 finally revealed its European roots, which I experienced last year as a bit of a boisterousness and manic.That said, the current RX6, with its revs, can seamlessly transition between “suave English gentlemen” and “fanatical football hooligans,” an experience that is no doubt fun to share.Apart from the engine, the frame is also commendable.In the rapid reversal of the body Angle of S bend, the body following feedback of RX6 is quite timely. Its movement ability is very close to the large displacement sports models of international brands, rather than the conventional dynamic slow half shot suv.The stability of the body is also very good under bending and very low speed conditions. Even if the riding speed is reduced to less than 3km/h (ordinary walking speed), the RX6 still gives you quite enough stability confidence without extending the foot support.With the exception of very few models designed to emphasize the low center of gravity, most domestic models with large displacement on the market are difficult to achieve this point.This experience and, of course, I also found some lack of RX6, it left some of the distance the gearshift and foot, and shift the larger efforts, if don’t wear riding boots but everyday wear ordinary shoes will slightly rise to block, everyday ride every litres of block, small make up feel manufacturer engineers in told me to wear riding boots to ride it again.Perhaps it is an individual case that the idle speed setting of our RX6 test car is a little too low. Under hot conditions, the 270° twin-cylinder engine sometimes loses its original stable running rhythm, which makes people worry that it may stall at any time.In general, RX6 still has the comprehensive quality of flagship products of Domestic independent brand Dachang in terms of cycling quality, and it is a product that can bring enough fun to owners.