It’s going to snow. Keep the water meter warm

2022-05-07 0 By

Hunan Provincial Low temperature Rain, snow and freezing Disaster Emergency headquarters has started the low temperature rain, snow and freezing disaster level iv emergency response.Hunan Meteorological Bureau predicts that there will be two stages of low temperature rain, snow and freezing process in hunan province in the coming week, the key period is from January 27 to 29, and From January 31 to February 3.Zhuzhou City water investment Group warm remind the majority of users, please timely winter water facilities antifreeze warm work!In cold season, the exposed water supply pipes, water meters, faucets and other water facilities can be wrapped with cotton and linen fabric, plastic foam and other thermal insulation materials, and the water meter box is covered to prevent the water meter and gate valve from freezing.When the temperature is less than or equal to 0℃, especially at night, close Windows in public corridors to prevent water meters and pipes from freezing and cutting off water.”Dripping into line” When the temperature drops below 0℃, after using water in the evening, you can slightly turn the faucet to make dripping into line to ensure the flow of tap water in the pipe to prevent the pipe from freezing.At the same time, dripping water can be caught in a suitable container to save water.”Emptying facilities” For water meters that are not used for a long time or temporarily, it is recommended to close the front valve of the meter and empty the tap water of the indoor pipe.Solar water heater water pipe should install vertical antifreeze drainage device, ice and snow days in time to empty the water in the water tank, prevent frozen water heater.For users who use secondary water supply, the top cover of the water tank should be well covered, and the upper and lower water pipes and valves of the water tank should be tightly bound with thermal insulation materials.”Emergency move” pair of already frozen bibcock, water table, conduit, appropriate uses hot towel to wrap faucet first, pour warm water next, make bibcock defrost first.Then turn on the faucet and slowly sprinkle the pipe with warm water along the faucet to defrost the pipe. If there is still no water flowing when pouring to the water meter, the water meter is frozen.At this point, the hot towel wrapped in the water meter, with warm water (not higher than 30℃) pouring, so that the water meter defrost.If you have any water problem or need, please call the 24-hour hotline 0731-22333555 and zhuzhou Water Group will follow up and deal with it in time