In 2003, anhui boss spent 250 million yuan to build China’s largest private garden, now what?

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Rosefinch bridge weeds flowers, Wu Yi lane mouth sunset oblique.Old Wang Xie Tang yan, flying into the common home.During the feudal society, nobles like to spend thousands of dollars to buy land and land to build their own private manor. At that time, Suzhou, as a wealthy place, was naturally favored by these feudal nobles, and suzhou garden construction has therefore become a world famous existence.In modern society, a billionaire boss who had traveled to Suzhou gardens also wanted to build a private garden of his own, but failed to do so. Finally, he ran away with the money, and the garden construction project ran aground and became an unfinished project.He was Liu Chuansheng, a big businessman in Anhui province.As one of the three business schools in ancient China, Huizhou businessmen have a very strong business heritage and tradition.Born in Anhui province, Liu Chuansheng also has a gift for business, and has gained some capital through his unremitting efforts.At this time, China’s rapid economic development period, in the hands of the capital liu Chuansheng began his business career.With his flexible business acumen and grasp of business opportunities, Liu chuansheng’s business has become bigger and bigger, and he has become a well-known businessman in Anhui province.With the real estate boom in the early 21st century, Liu Chuansheng set his target on the real estate industry. However, he did not have enough experience in the real estate industry for the first time, so he had to supplement his lack of knowledge in the real estate industry through continuous learning.When he came to the world famous Suzhou garden, he began to have an idea in his mind, that is to create a private garden of his own, and to match the landscape of Suzhou garden.In 2003, Liu Chuansheng returned to Anhui and personally founded Hefei Mohe Garden Garden Development Co., LTD., and successfully bid for a piece of land of 210 mu, want to build a waterside Bridges, pavilions and pavilions in Hefei, Anhui, private garden, to create a garden of his own In Suzhou.Liu Chuansheng’s own goal is very clear, that is, he wants to maximize the interests of the land photographed in his hands through the Mohe Garden project, while realizing the desire to create a private garden of his own.He began to look for famous landscape designers to design mohe Garden and for famous experts to improve the architecture of mohe Garden.However, in the process of Liu Chuansheng began to build Mohe garden, many architectural experts and related landscape experts have discouraged Liu Chuansheng, want him to give up this big project, such a large area of garden construction project can be said to be a bottomless pit of gold.However, Liu Chuansheng still does not listen to dissuasion, a big hand out 250 million mohe park construction investment funds.For such a large mohe Garden, 250 million yuan is still a drop in the ocean, but it is all the working capital Liu chuansheng can use.In order to continue the construction of Mohe Garden, Liu chuansheng began to apply for loans from banks, and even private loans to raise funds.Covering an area of 210 mu, the mohe Garden has been more than 10 times the size of suzhou gardens. If the Mohe Garden can be truly completed, as the world’s largest private garden, Liu Chuansheng will surely be remembered in history.However, there are unexpected events, a global financial crisis in 2008, hit Liu Chuansheng a unprepared, with huge debts and bankruptcy liquidation of Liu Chuansheng can only flee abroad, mohe Park project also therefore abortion.In 2008, the global financial crisis caused by the US subprime mortgage crisis directly led to the bankruptcy of Liu Chuansheng’s company. Without a source of funds, he was unable to carry out the construction of Mohe Garden project.He was bankrupted liquidation by the loan pressure of the bank, can only sell off all his assets out, including his efforts to build mohe park.Liu chuansheng did not use the money to pay off the bank loan, but absconded with the money and went to Canada.At that time the limelight no two big businessman was hefei government twice listed as a faithless person, became a person criticized the old lai, Mo Lotus park has become a famous hefei bad tail project.With liu Chuansheng’s escape, Mohe park project was bought by a big boss surnamed Qin.The Qin boss is obviously more rational than Liu Chuansheng, he did not continue to invest in mohe park, slowly mohe Park project has become a bad end of the project.However, such a large area of the garden has been able to put into use in most areas, but it is not open to tourists, the garden owner did not plan to stay, will mohe park idle in that, arrange the guard.It is said that Hefei Vocational and Technical College and Mohe Garden is only separated by a wall, you can see the mohe garden on the school playground.According to relevant information, mohe garden in the infrastructure has been completed, pavilions, waterside corridors and other scenery everything, no less than suzhou garden.At the same time, because the Mohe garden belongs to private gardens, only the owner of the garden can repair the Mohe garden, the Qin boss did not have this idea, the original beautiful mohe garden has become more and more dilapidated.Now it has been 19 years since 2003, and the mohe Garden has been dilapidated without repair. The plaque has been removed and the fence of the long corridor has been damaged.Overlooking the interior of the Mohe Garden, most of the building tiles have fallen off, the garden is overgrown with weeds and desolate, and the commercial street supporting the mohe Garden also looks desolate.As the Mohe Garden under construction at that time has a very high reputation, many businesses attracted by the reputation began to build shops and commercial streets around.As Liu Chuansheng absconded with money, Mohe park rotten tail, the surrounding commercial street also depression, no longer prosperous scene.Conclusion Yan Jiu poison, the ancients deep quit.It’s not strange to die of pleasure.Liu chuansheng refused to be dissuaded and went his own way, leading to bankruptcy and liquidation, and finally absconded with the money, making Mohe Park a 19-year project.If Liu Chuansheng was able to stabilize the mind, pay off the debt, perhaps mohe park would not fall to this end.However, these things have happened, has already fled to Canada liu Chuansheng also can’t take the initiative to return to China to build Mohe Park.We can only look forward to mohe park’s new master to be able to carry out a certain repair, open to tourists as soon as possible, I believe that such a scale of Mohe park once completed, will be able to promote the development of tourism in Hefei, hefei economic development add firewood add fire.