Chinese snooker lock 2 seats in the final 4!Yan Bingtao chong crown, Zhao Xintong life and death battle 1-1!

2022-05-07 0 By

In the early hours of February 5th, the winner’s group of the Snooker Champions League resumed.China snooker has locked two seats in the last four, Yan Bingtao 3-2 straight through the semifinals, zhao Xintong will beat Donaldson at the end of the knockout round will take the last coach, otherwise liang Wenbo will advance.This champions League, a total of 3 Chinese players in the winner’s group to set a new record, but they did not perform well on the first day, the record is 1-2.To the second day, Yan Bingtao took the lead in recovery, beating Donaldson and Dott 3-0, 3-2 locked in the group top 4.At present, the Champions League has three seats and four strong, in addition to Yan Bingtao, Bingham and Higgins also both break through.Yan bingtao won the Riga Masters in 2019 and won the Masters in 2021 in his debut, becoming the second Chinese player after Ding Junhui to unlock three major titles.Just finished the German Masters, Yan Bingtao straight through the final, but 0-9 defeat by zhao Xintong.Now, China’s post-00s generation is making a comeback. If China wins the Champions League, it will achieve the feat of winning the title for three consecutive seasons.Liang wenbo has completed all six matches in the group stage and is currently in fourth place with two wins and four losses. Donaldson and Dott have been eliminated in advance.The final round of zhao xintong and Donaldson is underway, the situation is simple and clear: Zhao xintong won the ball into the quarterfinals, liang Wenbo lost to advance to meet Yan Bingtao.At present, Zhao xintong and Donaldson are tied at 1, China post 90 won the first game, in the second game Donaldson scored 69 points in a row after missing the red ball, Zhao Xintong chasing 28-69 at the bottom of the black ball, the table score is not enough to admit defeat.For Zhao Xintong, the battle of life and death must be won, I hope he can stand up.