Blew air conditioning perspire how to do

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Blew air conditioning perspire how to do according to circumstance and decide.If it is the temperature setting or body tension caused by sweating, then the air conditioning temperature is properly turned down, let the body calm down after the general can stop this symptom.And if the body is hot caused by sweating, it is recommended to eat some heat and detoxification and food, and drink a lot of water.If the symptoms of sweating on air conditioning do not get better for a long time, it may be that the body has some other diseases, it is recommended to go to the hospital as soon as possible to find out the cause, so as not to delay treatment.Blow air conditioning perspire is wind cold or wind heat is wind heat cold commonly.If it is caused by a cold, it is generally a kind of wind-heat cold. Wind-heat cold refers to the disease caused by wind-heat evil gas. The symptoms of wind-heat cold are heavy fever, sweat, sore throat, etc.Traditional Chinese medicine thinks, cold is divided into wind cold cold and wind heat cold commonly, the pathogeny of these two kinds of cold, symptom and cure method all have bigger difference.And blowing air conditioning cold is mostly caused by the hot and dry air of the human body can not be discharged from the body, this situation generally belongs to the wind and heat cold.Blowing air conditioning sweating is how to return a responsibility there are many reasons.Generally speaking, there are many reasons for the phenomenon of sweating when the air conditioner is blowing. It may be that the temperature of the air conditioner is not set well, which leads to the body’s temperature regulation center still need to sweat to lower the body temperature.It is also possible that the body is in a more nervous state of sympathetic excitement, thereby increasing sweat secretion.In addition, another possible reason is the weak body, body heat is more serious, the body needs to sweat to expel the accumulation of hot air in the body.